Who’s Running this Province? by Tom Black

Tom BlackHello Folks,

Many people today don’t take time to inform themselves about who is running their province or country and in many cases, do not think it is worthwhile to go to the polls and vote on Election Day. History has taught us over and over, that when people don’t participate and stay informed, that the resulting government often takes that country or province in disastrous directions.

Ontario has been in the throes of voter apathy now for the last four elections, driven by two opposition parties that couldn’t come up with anything in their platforms to attract voters in numbers large enough to take down an extremely corrupt government. Despite the E-Health scandal, the gas plant relocation fiasco and the Green Energy Act that wasted billions of taxpayers money, the Liberal government sailed through with a majority win.

Even when Premier Wynne admitted on live TV, a few minutes into the June 3, 2014 election debate -–
“I know that people are still angry, you have a right to be angry because – because – there was – there was a breach of trust between the government and the people of the province…”, that for political gain, during the gas plant debacle, public money was used, nobody stepped up to charge her and her government with this serious crime. In Ottawa, this week, a police officer is on trial for ‘criminal breach of trust’, proving the seriousness of this crime, but NO media has ever put any pressure on the premier for her admission of guilt. You can go online and listen for yourself to that part of the debate http://tvo.org/video/204510/2014-ontario-leaders-debate

The landowners would like to point you to our letters that we are sending to the OPP, the RCMP, and the Lieutenant Governor and hope that you will take part by printing these form letters and if you agree with us, then fill in your name and put it in an envelope with a stamp and send your demand that the police do their job and charge all the people who were involved in this ‘breach of trust’.

Thank you.
Tom Black