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According to Amazon this book is about “A clear and concise manual on the law of municipal roads. This clear and concise manual on the law of municipal roads is a revised, updated and expanded edition categorized into 41 established road and road-related principles with supporting legal cases. It includes a historical background to these principles and shows how they are impacted by Ontario’s Municipal Act, 2001 and particularly by The Municipal Statute Law Amendment Act, 2006. Russell on Roads, Third Edition updates the author’s comments on many road principles in light of recent case law decisions and related legislation….”

One could limit the description to the above but in reality this book includes tons of information on easements, covenants, and even property rights. Yes, it is a substantial purchase, but as a learning tool it is well worth it. The Amazon price of $188.00 is far less than what I paid for mine – but then I’ve had mine for quite some time.

I highly recommend this as a substantial learning tool for those interested in property rights. Happy reading!

Why a Rooster Just Might Make More Sense Than a Politician

This here is the Old Rooster, me ‘n’ Henriette, well we think that just cause there might be a difference, tween the urban ‘n’ rural life-style don’t mean that people don’t want the same things. We figure all you folks wants edgecation fer yur kids; you want to do stuff with yur property that you see fit to be doin’; ‘n’ we figure you all don’t want to be shafted by the tax-man. That there is the common ground everybody’s got with their rural ‘n’ urban neighbor. ‘N’ jest bout everybody wants is to be left in peace to enjoy what they own. Both Urban and Country folks, is as fed up with them government inspectors, ‘n’ them government enforcement genie-uses; them building inspectors; them planners; them permits ‘n’ licenses, ‘n’ the list goes on ‘n’ on. We’s heard all you folks is fed up with all them taxes you’s havin’ to pay; ‘n’ you’s just plain fed up with them poly-ticians promisin’ the moon. So we is hopin’ that this here book will splain some of our views on them issues. Henrietta ‘n’ me, well we is hopin’ you enjoy this ‘n’ maybe some of them poly-ticin’ animals should be readin’ it too. Just so’s they know’s what folks is sayin’.

Property Rights 101: An Introduction

Property rights; the foundation of everyone’s wealth, prosperity, dreams and ambition. There is intellectual property, real property, life, limb and liberty property, religions property, etc. These rights are your property and are to be upheld by the courts, the legislators and government. So where have all of these rights gone? This document explains where your rights come from and how they are to be protected. It explains the who, what, when, why and how your rights are being steadily removed. It explains what we, as a people, can do to re-establish our rights, not only for us, but for the future generations. We are fighting for humanity and the right to celebrate our freedoms, particularly the right of private property.


Eco-Fascists How Radical Conservationists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage

Eco-Fascists: How Radical Conservationists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage

Forty million Americans have been driven from their lands and rural culture is being systematically crushed, even as wildlife, forests, and rangelands are dying. Journalist Elizabeth Nickson’s investigations into these events have revealed a shocking truth: rather than safeguarding our environment, radical conservationists are actually destroying our natural heritage. In Eco-Fascists, Nickson documents the destructive impact of the environmental movement in North America and beyond, detailing the extreme damage environmental radicals in local and national government agencies are doing to the land, the ecosystems, and the people.


Why They Behave Like Russians By John Fisher

Everyone who is concerned about where Ontario and Canada are headed should obtain a copy of this book.  It to some may show the comparisons of Ontario’s 5 year plans to those of Stalin’s.  It explains the schools of “trades” and, of course, now we have our College of Trades.  Then there is the issue of removing the rural population to the urban centers, again this was done in Stalin’s Russia.  This book is from the view of an American shortly after W.W.II who explains his opinion of Why They Behave Like Russians.



Sustainable – The War on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals by Tom DeWeese

Sustainable: The WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals describes in detail the process being used at every level of government to reorganize our society under the excuse of environmental protection. Author Tom DeWeese pulls back the curtain to reveal the policies and the powers behind them that are systematically changing our culture and system of government to impose a political agenda of top-down control at every level.



Tea Party of One – All Governments Invited by Jean-Serge-Brisson

This is the story of one man who takes on the big guys and doesn’t give up. It is an inspirational story – not many of us would have the intestinal fortitude to stand alone for 23 years and counting. It’s also a story with a twist – when you purchase the book directly from Mr. Brisson, it comes with an invoice from his radiator business which clearly states: “This firm does not collect taxes. If you feel this tax should be paid you may send it yourself”. Get the book – read it – you’ll understand.


The Third Pillar – Sword & Scales by PLF (

I still vividly remember watching my first U.S. Supreme Court argument. It was a cold February morning in Washington, D.C., and I’d just flown in from St. Louis, where the previous day I’d attended a few of the nearly two dozen rallies held across the country in support of the homeowner plaintiffs in the very case I was about to observe, Kelo v. City of New London.