Mandate of The Ontario Landowners Association

  • Aid landowners whose rights to own use, manage, enjoy or benefit from have been or will be affected or harmed through Government actions
  • Educate the public that the greatest threat to Ontario is excessive legislation and over regulation
  • To actively support those Politicians and Governments who demonstrate support for and encourage property rights and small, fiscal responsible Government and to work against those who do not
  • Support, advise and consult with Landowners Associations and affiliated individuals and organizations for the purpose of developing policy, objectives and plans of action
  • “Everyone shall have the right to own, use and enjoy property and shall not be deprived of those rights except in accordance with the principals of fundamental justice including full and timely compensation for loss”.

We cannot forget that our ancestors fought so bravely and unselfishly to protect and preserve our rights to life, liberty, justice, and we must continue to uphold these values and freedoms.


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