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The Ontario Landowners Association OLA shall defend property rights in Ontario, promote the principal of strong local governments, democracy, and natural justice and represent the interests of the Ontario community.

Defending Property Rights In Ontario
This Land is Our Land

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The Ontario Landowners Association goals and objectives shall be to uphold fundamental principles of Ontario landowners property rights, of natural justice, and to preserve and protect the rights of Ontario property owners.

Well, to understand how this movement got started, we would have to say that if government and their agencies had been doing their job of helping people solve their problems, supporting and encouraging new building and local businesses, and serving the public as they are paid to do, then the landowner movement would have died on the drawing board.



Expropriation of Wilmont Farmland

More groups call on region to stop expropriation of Wilmot farmland, petition reaches 20,000 signatures

Stop The Tree Bylaws

Municipalities across Ontario are looking to regulate the trees on your land. Call your council today and stop the theft of private property!

Lake of Bays may Charge Residents for Trespassing

Residences received a notice from the Township of Lake of Bays demanding they sign an agreement to continue using a municipally-owned right-of-way he's accessed for 17 years, requiring various fees and $5 million in liability insurance. Non-compliance could result in hefty fines and trespassing charges.

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Win of the Month – June 2024

The win of the month has to be the City of Thorold’s historic decision to exit the United Nations Partners for Climate Protection program. Thorold is a municipality in Ontario. Maggie Hope Braun from Gather

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Save the Planet by the Contrarian

Some years ago, I had the idea that ‘Rolling back the frontier’ meant expanding our settled area in Canada, moving toward filling our role in human history.  So I was surprised when a retired school

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