Ontario Landowners Association OLA Links and Resources

Ontario Landowners Association OLA Links and Resources

Crown Land Information Package: Download Here

Support for Schedule 6 Amendments to Conservation Authorities Act

Title: Environmental Defense November 21, 2020. Responses to form letters being sent to Ontario citizens by government MPPs with regard to the budget bill attack on Conservation Authorities.

Title: Proposed Provincial Changes for Conservation Authorities Deserve More Discussion Nov 27, 2020.

Title: Letter to Minister Yurek Dec 04 2020.

Title: OLA-PR-OIC-Judicial-Review-May-25-2020

Title: OLA President Jeff Bogaerts letter to Jeff Yurek

Title: Tom DeWeese, OLA Property Rights Conference on October 26, 2019 in Arnprior, Ontario

Title: Ontario School Closures by Elizabeth Marshall

Title: When what you think it is’- ISN’T – Presentation by Len Harris at the OLA Public Meeting in Lindsay, Ontario on October 22, 2016. Len Harris is a former senator from Queensland, Australia who researches and speaks on the United Nations Agendas and their effects on our everyday lives.

Title: Questions prepared by the Ontario Landowners Association for the Environmental Review Tribunals – Wind Turbines.

Title: A brief history of Malicious Prosecution and Negligent Investigation by Brian G. Shiller, a partner in the law firm Shillers, LLP.

Industrial Wind Turbines and Your Health

Open Letter to Honourable Doug Ford from Dr. Riina I. Bray about the potential for harm for human health represented by Ontario’s Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs) and their supporting infrastructure.

Paper on Wind turbine radio frequency/electromagnetic energy: exploring the risk of harm to human health by Carmen Krogh, BScPharm (Retired)

How To Live In Ontario – Government Reports

The Justices of the Peace Review Council is a Council established by the Province of Ontario under the Justices of the Peace Act. “What you Need to Know” fact sheet and the “Obtaining Official Copies of Crown Land Documents” form. – commentary on Maurice Strong, Oak Lake, Manitoba native, billionaire environmentalist, United Nations top executive, world governance advocate, closet socialist, Prime Minister Paul Martin confidant and family friend. – documentation to obtain latest information/location of so-called “rare” species on request, presumably a useful tool for some groups to later identify certain properties as “wildlife habitat” – MNR partnered with The Nature Conservancy & Federation of Ontario Naturalists (private lobby groups) to designate/control all Ontario land, private & public alike. – calls attention to bad science that makes the news, alarms the public and encourages special interest groups to demand immediate government action that often impacts private landowners. – provincial Endangered Species Act that outlines regulations designed to protect designated species (except landowners), thus affecting allowable use and market value of private property.

Friends of Science | Providing Insight into Global Warming – Friends of Science does literature research into global warming, … General Climate Sciences • Temperature History

Animal Health Act, 2009, S.O. 2009, c. 31 – Bill 204 – Note: This Act amends or repeals more than one Act. For the legislative history of these Acts, see the Table of Consolidated Public Statutes – Detailed Legislative History at