Trumpatized by Elizabeth Marshall

Elizabeth Marshall
Elizabeth Marshall

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As you may recall I am completely non-partisan but I think everyone has had enough of the daily dose of Trump trashing. I know I have.

Firstly, Canadians (including myself) should just butt out. This is an American election and the people of the United States have spoken. Yes, yes I know Canada has a trade agreement or two with the U.S., but we need the U.S. as much or even more than they need us, so if the Americas want Donald Trump as their President it is none of our business.

To be frank, we should look at this as an opportunity instead of having protests in Toronto.

Also what kind of Canadians are we? We say we are all inclusive, but not inclusive enough to respect the American’s choice of President. Quite hypocritical of us wouldn’t one think?

Secondly, I have always had an immense respect for the American people – that is up until the election of Donald Trump. This is where my respect of said Americans has become tarnished. It seems some American’s are sore losers. You had an election and some of you didn’t get the results you wanted.

There is even talk, in the Canadian press, that people are asking the Electoral College to deny the elected person their right to the Presidency all because some Americans are having a pout. Get over it! It isn’t Donald Trump that is causing uncertainty, world-wide; it’s those fools that are merely sore losers.

The United States of America used to stand for something. It used to stand for self-respect; it used to stand for individual rights; it used to stand for fairness and honesty. Good old George, Abe, Teddy, etc., would be rolling in their graves with how some of the American people are acting. Where is the respect for the U.S. Constitution?

In Canada, we are such whiners, because now there is a statement out that Canadians have been – are you ready for this – Trumpatized! People are actually reporting that they must sit down with little Suzy because they need to explain how a discriminatory, biased, misogynist got elected. This falls at the feet of some of the media. Statements of Trump have been blatantly bastardized to make him look bad. Hillary, on the other hand was made to look better than she was, so who is right?
Well the American people seemed to think Trump was the least of the two evils, so as stated – both Canadians and Americans should just get over it and move forward. In other words – Suck it up buttercup! The world is waiting and it needs an America that it can count on – not some snivelling bunch of school children pouting because they didn’t get their own way. Trump is now your President-elect try showing some respect for the Presidency and yourselves!