Supporting the Magna Carta Documentary by Tom Black

John Robson of Sun News and News Talk Radio CFRA, has approached us with a project that he is trying to get some funds for. He and his wife Brigitte Pellerin are seeking funding to produce a documentary on the Magna Carta. You can see his crowd sourcing page here

The OLA is recommending that you consider this project. It is a great opportunity to participate in the creation of an educational vehicle that is sure to be widely distributed. In addition, the Magna Carta is a very important document for the OLA – a symbol of what we had and are now losing.

As Robson says “Magna Carta is the foundation of a free society, of liberty under law, of due process, property rights, security of the person and everything else we hold dear. But it has to be the intellectual foundation or it will cease to be the foundation of our institutions. So yes, our documentary aims to be educational in a large way, to talk about the Magna Carta itself, what it means, where it came from, how free societies developed throughout the Anglosphere by adhering to its basic rules and principles, how they became wealthy and creative by giving individuals room to dream and act, and how those rules and principles are in danger today.

Our plan for distribution is like our plan for funding – through the people and for the people. Once it’s made, we don’t aim to make a lot of money selling it. We aim to distribute it as widely as possible, through groups like the Landowners, getting it into the hands of citizens and the next generation of citizens so they know why they are, where they came from and what they must do next.”

The best way to show your support is to visit the Kickstarter site (, make a donation and help spread the word to all those Canadians who love liberty under law. A $25 donation will get you a copy of the DVD. Now that’s a pretty good deal and a lovely way to spread the word. Remember – this is an all or nothing venture – if the goal of $75,000 is not reached by March 16, no money is retained and the project does not go ahead.

If you would like to join the OLA and participate in our contribution, please send a $100 cheque or whatever amount you can afford, to our treasurer, Karen Bainsbridge (cheque made out to the Ontario Landowners Association) – we will send in one donation to John Robson from the OLA with credits to each group or person.

Karen Bainsbridge, OLA
P.O. Box 5223
Huntsville, ON
P1H 2K6