Sometimes a willing ear helps. Merry Christmas everyone!

Tom Black

Hello Folks,

Ah! December – watching for snow storms or the freezing rain, short days, no sun, good thing that I am not depending on solar panels for power today. Well, the corn is off, the soya beans are in the bin and the cattle are off the pasture for another year and the ground is starting to freeze up at night. I wish I had a bit more wood in the shed but oh, well, maybe next week will be nice.

It’s nice to have all the elections out of the way and soon the governments will be on their winter breaks, no more soliciting fliers in the mail, robo calls and begging for money. Time for us all to step back and take a look at the hand 2015 dealt us. Yes, I know that there is a new Liberal Prime Minister and climate change is high on his government’s agenda and yes, we still have a liberal premier in Ontario, but still things could be a lot worse, just look at Alberta.

As for the Ontario Landowners, by the increased number of calls for help coming from across this province, it looks like the win by the Wynne Liberals has only served to encourage the conservation authorities and municipalities to feel that they have complete control over everyone’s property. No doubt, there has been a serious swing of the pendulum to the left in this whole country and things will change, some things may be for the better and some will be for the worse. However, we all must be ever grateful that even though the process is slow and frustrating, and for many, not worth the effort of being involved, it is a very user friendly process that allows people with enough commitment to change a bad government and bring in a new one without reverting to civil war as so many countries in the world have endured.

Let’s all remember to respect each other although we may not agree with each other’s political philosophies. Parties of all stripes have made good decisions as well as bad ones – our job as citizens of this country is to make sure that the good decisions outweigh the bad. Let’s spend some long winter evenings pondering what comes next and how we can help improve the lives of those people who find themselves without a voice when they have a problem. Sometimes a willing ear helps. Merry Christmas everyone!

Tom Black