Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authorities (NVCA) vs the Gilmors Update by Tom Black

Tom Black

Hello folks,

For those of you who have been following the court case involving the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authorities (NVCA) vs the Gilmors, here is where we are at.

The NVCA have appealed the Gilmors win, and will now go to the Ontario Court of Appeal. The Gilmors are not hiring a lawyer and will defend themselves. The Ontario Landowners Association has hired Arkadi Bouchelev, the Gilmors former lawyer who won the case, and have applied for intervenor status. Now Conservation Ontario have applied for intervenor status as well. The latest news as of last week, is that the MNR has also applied for intervenor status and will be funding both the NVCA and Conservation Ontarios cases. It would seem that this case has struck a very serious nerve with these government organizations since it would result in all of them having to return to their original mandate as was the intent of their creation, if this case stands.