Liberals admit to Breach of Trust!

During the Ontario Provincial Election, last June, we watched the debate between the opposing political Parties. As it stands we have had the Liberal Party in power for over 10 years and there has been scandal after scandal.

Kathleen Wynne admitting to Breach of Trust between 2:00 minute mark to 3:20. back in 2014. Watch video.

During the debates, the Premier of Ontario, Leader of the Liberal Party, admitted, on live television, that there had been a “breach of trust” by her government. This was in regards to over a billion tax-payers dollars being use to cancel/relocate the two gas powered electricity generating plants. This was merely so the Liberal Party could garner 2 more seats, during the previous election.

What was said will shock most, but what is incredibly shocking is that the Premier of Ontario has openly admitted that there has been a “breach of trust,” by government, and yet there still hasn’t been any charges laid.

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