Let’s Stop This Madness

(Reprinted with permission of the Landowner Magazine – The Geezer’s Corner)

Most of the media in Canada and the U.S. would like nothing better than to have conservative views, ideas and even political parties disappear into some black hole never to be heard from again. When you follow politics in America and Canada, finding a common sense alternative to the usual liberal drivel can be as hard as cutting stove wood with dental-floss. Americans have an advantage over us in TV media as they have Fox News (hated by all elitist, dreamers and holier-than-thou democrats), a channel that brings to light many subjects that the Democratic Party and leftist media would rather forget. For a short time we had Sun News channel here in Canada which was as welcome to our grit friends as a porcupine family on a nudist beach. It appears that they like to hear only one side of the story and can’t handle the truth. I suspect that if they had their way they would have only one name on the ballot, but I hope that I’m wrong about that.

I believe that most intelligent people are fiscally conservative and it isn’t anything to be ashamed of. It’s too bad that we don’t have more intelligent people, but we have to live with the gene pool that was allotted us. If we had more intelligent people or more fiscal conservatives, our province wouldn’t be two hundred billion dollars in debt and have a twelve billion dollar deficit. If we had more fiscal conservatives voting for fiscal conservatives we would have a balanced budget and a booming economy. We should never apologize for being fiscally conservative. It’s the only common sense way to be.

How did we become ashamed of our own beliefs? It’s like water dropping on a rock. We’ve been bombarded with liberal propaganda for so long that we’ve become self-conscious about conservative thinking. We aren’t wrong or Neanderthals when we come out and say that this gang of Liberal wind-passers are the most inept, bungling, underhanded political group of misfits since Daffy Duck formed a hockey team. We shouldn’t be ashamed of being fiscally conservative. Hell, shout it from the rooftops! I’m conservative, but at least I’m not stupid and from now on I’m going to be heard. My old pappy always said, “A good attack is the best defence”.

I know that I’m coming on a bit strong, but where did all of these screwed up brain-addled politicians and bamboozled socialist dreamers come from? Where did it all start? When did common sense fly out the window? We aren’t asking for a lot here. We want a government that listens to the people and doesn’t dictate to them. We want a government that knows that it is spending our money as the government has no money of its own. We want a government with a combined cabinet IQ higher than their hat size. We had all we needed to compete successfully in the industrial world – we had lots of cheap power and skilled manpower. So, what did these geniuses do? They spent and still are spending billions on windmills and solar farms that can at the best of times supply only three percent of the province’s needs. That kind of leadership gave us the most expensive power in North America and suddenly we aren’t in the game anymore. Is the liberal media trashing this clueless gang of despicable nincompoops? The Socialist biased media that predominates in this country isn’t doing its job. The media is part of the problem and shame on them.

The great thing about democracy is that the people can choose its own government and for that to happen there needs to be at least two viable political groups to pick from. When the deck is stacked as it is now against the conservative party of Ontario by a media that has been brain-washed since kindergarten, democracy suffers and indeed so does the whole population.

I know you are out there. You are common sense fiscally conservative like I am and have been keeping quiet about it. Hey! News flash! You aren’t wrong; it’s the majority of the media that has it wrong. We have to be a hell of a lot more noisy about our beliefs. Fire off letters to the editor; if they get enough views from the centre right side of the spectrum, maybe they will have a light-bulb moment.
I would say also there are many liberal citizens that are fiscally conservative and that’s how it should be. Unfortunately in most cases they hold their noses and vote for corruption, high taxes, fewer jobs and skyrocketing hydro bills. The media follows the Wynne government blindly the way rats followed the Pied Piper. I’ll finish by saying, enough of this madness.