The International Property Rights Association is Founded

The idea for an international conference on property rights was the culmination of the thoughts and ideas as put forward by a group of people from around the world. The group, in a mere six months not only managed to register 180 guests, including politicians from all levels of government, but also managed to bring together, from around the world, a group so willing to give of their soul and to share their wealth of knowledge in regards to property rights.

On October 4th 2014, The Ontario Landowners Association, sponsored an International conference with special guest speakers from the USA, Australia and provinces across Canada who spoke about Letters Patent and the constitutional and common law rights of the people.

The international dignitaries present included;

Len Harris, Queensland, Australia: A former Senator of the Australian Commonwealth who has toured Australia, holding public meetings and encouraging people to understand their property rights.

Ron Gibson, Oregon, USA: Recognized for his expertise in Letters Patent and Constitutional Law in America. He has taught multiple courses in law at a local college, and is currently acquiring a Private Attorney General Authority.

Tom DeWeese, Virginia, USA: Founder and President of the American Policy Centre, a leading advocate of individual private property rights and is a “back to basics” educator.

Elizabeth Marshall, Ontario, Canada: Head of research for the Ontario Landowners Association, Director Canadian Justice Review Board, author of numerous publications, and a foremost expert on Letters Patent and various constitutional documents.

Several of the attendees expressed that, for the first time, they began to understand the importance of Letters Patent and the rights the patents afforded them. The enthusiastic, standing-room only crowd of over 180 people were inspired by the international speakers. A large number returned again the next morning to continue discussing the events of the day before and to further increase their grasp of information on Letters Patent, as well as to confirm and support the formation of the International Property Rights Association (IPRA).

One of the many benefits attendees gained was the importance of knowing the entire history of the original granting of the Letters Patent, and all the transfers of that patent to their present ownership. This and only this process, establishes undisputable land title.

Tom Black, President of the Ontario Landowners Association was elected Chair of the International Property Rights Association (I.P.R.A.) and announced its historical foundation that day.


To Preserve and Protect Inviolable Rights, Property, Land and Security, under Common Law.

It is envisaged that the International Property Rights Association will campaign for Property Rights and the education of people worldwide on this issue.

If you require more background information, please contact Tom Black, President, Ontario Landowners Association (OLA) at 613 818-3416.