Important News from MNR regarding Land Patents – by Marlene Black

marlene blackThe Landowners have been saying for several years now that all these agencies, commissions and government enforcers, do not have authority to legislate on private property. On the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) website, they have a few pages on Crown Land Management and how they do have rights over public and crown land and how if granted an ‘easement’ on your property, then the MNR does control land use as long as the owner has granted or turned over authority to them. However, it is very clear on their website, that when it comes to issuing Letters Patent (documents that date back to the original granting from the king or queen of that land) that the crown has given up or transferred that crown land over to private ownership and that the “Ministry of Natural Resources does NOT retain future options for the land and does NOT control use”.

I have a really big problem with the fact that the authorities know they cannot control our land use BUT they try anyways, by any method, by threats of fines, by intimidation, by blackmail i.e. if you want a permit you must give them some of your land and lastly, they’ll deny a permit unless you allow them some control on your land. The true words of a landowner that we met several years ago often haunt me. He has passed on now but he told me that years ago, he met a man whose job it was to buy land for the government, anything with water because “he who controls the water, controls the land and he who controls the land, controls the people”. It was over 45 years ago that those words were uttered to my friend and when we look around at what is happening to us now, one can’t help but wonder if those “crazy words from long ago” are not coming true now. Controlling our land use is certainly an issue. How else do we explain being taken to court for riding dirt bikes on your property?

Unfortunately, if no one objects to this gradual takeover of our privacy and our private property, there will be no one left to fight for us when the gradual and insidious methods become overt like we are witnessing across the globe. We cannot assume that bad people will not get into positions of power and control. We know this because they do. We used to have faith in our government and that it would do the right thing. In our wildest dreams did we ever believe that all levels of government would sign onto 20 year deals (i.e. wind farms) without everyone reading the contract or give themselves huge salaries that no one could reach in a normal job? Could we have imagined the flagrant abuse of taxpayer’s dollars with nary a whimper of apology? Politicians now are mandated to ‘listen’ but not act on any suggestions from the affected public. Our concerns, whether windmill horrors or smart meter breakdowns, don’t seem to be able to make politicians or bureaucrats change policy or help us in any way. If you go to hear politicians on the campaign trail and they mention words like “sustainable” or ‘keeping you safe” or ‘communal good”, run for the hills but not before demanding that he/she reject that “Agenda 21 propaganda”.

I guess we all kind of denied that the Ontario train was running off the tracks and didn’t believe those “conspiracy theorists” hoping that these festering problems would go away, solve themselves but our apathy has just been the fuel that it needed to spread. And spread it did; into our lives, our schools, our jobs, our family life and our peaceful enjoyment of our land. For the people living in the city that we tell some of our stories to, they say “that can’t be happening” and to the people who stand wide-eyed in shock as the enforcers talk about shutting down their sawmill because they found sawdust, they know it’s anything but a dream. Thank you Brian Mulroney for signing onto that secret deal back in 1992 in Rio. The result of that deal is the mess we’re living in now.