Hydro Woes

By Tom and Marlene Black

tom-black marlene-black

The following jingle, written by Tom and Marlene Black, was “inspired” by the many bad policies introduced by the Ontario government.

‘Twas the night before payday
And money was tight
Dad studied the bills
This just wasn’t right

So they sat round the table
With the lantern on low
Discussing just how high
Their hydro would go?

The pennies were counted
Dad gave a big yawn
Tomorrow’s a new day
The lights could go on

A movie, a sitcom,
A favourite cartoon
They’d sit by the TV
From breakfast til noon.

And when it was over
They’d be ready to eat
Mom would serve hot food
And desserts that were sweet.

Dad would tell stories
Of life in the past
How people were sure
That the power would last

The scandals and greed
That they read about then
Were done by the rulers
They thought were good men

Windmills and Solar
Now grew on the field
Which once was good farmland
Good food it did yield

Our tomatoes made ketchup
Good cereal from corn
Can’t process our peaches
Our lives have been torn

Good jobs are all gone
There was no one to pay
“Sold” signs on the door
They’d no reason to stay

Factories have closed down
Fresh chocolate’s gone south
So here in Ontario
Many live hand to mouth

We know why it happened
It’s called a big lie
There was someone to blame
For that pie in the sky

We knew that the Liberals
Dug us a big hole
And getting us out
Was never their goal.

Fat cats at the top
With salaries high
Was part of the plan
For that pie in the sky

Now we sit in the dark
And remember the day
When we had it so good
But we gave it away.