Happy Birthday Canada by Tom Black

Tom Black

What a wonderful landmark to be part of for the citizens all across this great country. Can you imagine! 150 years as a country.

It seems like a short time in history, but looking around the world a lot of change has taken place in that time. Two world wars, hundreds of regional wars, thousands of civil uprisings, and unknown numbers of tribal conflicts in less developed lands, as people push and pull in an attempt to create a lasting fair method of governing their particular countries. The world has been wrought with emperors, kings, dictatorships, corrupt ideologies and common criminal gangs controlling helpless citizens of the world, that as individuals have no way to change their fate. When the ruthless rogues of the world gain control of people and wealth, they leave a trail of human suffering that continues until those who wield the power are finally brought down, die or lose their control because the country they took over, collapsed in economic disaster. After all, power and control does not equal economic health as countries like Cuba prove.

So now let’s get back to the birthday party. We who have been fortunate enough to inherit this great country and all those who have come here from somewhere else to join us, should celebrate this birthday with a great sense of appreciation and thankfulness to all those who had the foresight to set up a country with a democratic process that allows an individual from all walks of life, to have a say in how this country is governed. Let us not forget all those boys and girls who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could be free to enjoy the wealth that this country has to offer. Never take for granted that we will stay free and democratic. There is never any doubt that the demon in the heart of mankind virtually always strives to destroy that which is good so as to take advantage of the common people and make them a slave to some new entity. As Edmund Burke once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Let’s not forget as we sing Happy Birthday Canada, to recognize that the responsibility that comes with freedom, is always to stand up and defend that freedom. Keep yourself informed, don’t accept the media brain-washed version, don’t accept the party politics without questioning how it affects your country, your freedom and the quality of the world that we pass on to our children. Don’t ever accept or believe that we cannot as individuals affect how our world is run. When you take a stand against wrong, others will be encouraged by that stand and also do their part. It is true that many people feel that they cannot confront government and bullies when a situation occurs, but they can contribute to the support system of those who do challenge, when they see liberty in peril.

Happy Birthday Canada
We Stand on Guard for Thee!