What has happened to Global Warming by Tom Black

Tom BlackSo what happened to Global Warming? My corn and soya beans bought into the idea and were in full growth mode, when out of the blue, came the coldest September 18 night in the last 70 years. Within a few hours all the juice in the leaves was frozen, bursting their veins and killing the plants, leaving many seeds not fully developed, thus reducing the yield of a crop year that was already compromised by one of the coldest years in the last 40.

The man-made global warming crisis proponents are not phased by facts however, and are in full blown rally mode for their next summit to plan how they can push their hypothetical, computer-model generated theory, projecting a global warming meltdown on the politicians of the world. The focus of their lobbying of course, is at the free world, where politicians are tolerant to lobbyists, no matter how half-baked their propaganda is, because they either don’t have the facts to refute it or they want to be politically correct, or they plain just want the left side vote and go along in the hopes that it will all work out for the best.

Federal conservative MP Cheryl Gallant, from Renfrew county, stepped up to the plate this month and released a statement warning of the dire consequences of an idea Canada signed on to back in 1992. After the UN Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and a 178 other countries signed on to a plan that I am sure they never read the ‘fine print’ on. Instead they thought they were signing on to a well-intentioned plan for world-wide improvement in the lives of people. The plan was called Agenda 21 and it contained a whole bunch of catch phrases such as “smart-growth”, “sustainable development”, “precautionary principle” and oh, yes, the abolition of private property.

The founding father of this world agenda, was none other than Canada’s own Maurice Strong, a billionaire who made his money from resources like oil and minerals. Now this man, who has exploited the world’s resources for his own gain, stated on Sept. 17th, 2013 that “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilization collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

Like Mr. Strong, the promoters of this agenda believe that property is too important for private citizens to own and thus must be controlled by the government. In other words, the individual’s rights must be sacrificed for the “common good”. This is a term that has been used many times in other countries like Germany under Hitler, Russia under Stalin, and China under Mao. Now tell me again how that philosophy made the world a better place for those people?

For now, this Agenda 21 is a voluntary concept with no teeth to enforce it by the UN, but once it is accepted by our politicians, it becomes the blueprint for our society and the process by which our right to own and use our property is removed. The army of enforcers of Agenda 21 are among us in the form of bylaw officers, conservation authorities, global warming advocates and even just our local councils who for the most part, haven’t even heard of Agenda 21 but are unconsciously implementing it at the suggestion of the province.