Freeman of the Land versus the Ontario Landowners Association By Tom Black

Tom Black

Over the years since the landowners started in Ontario, we have been approached by folks from many different groups and with different philosophies. Some question the laws that we create to help people live in a society that respects the individual rights of people and their property. In this country, the rules are designed by citizens, approved by citizens and enforced by courts and police that were established by citizens. This is a democracy and that gives us the ability to remove those who fail to live up to our expectations.

The folks from the Man of the Land persuasion do not believe in the law of the land. They believe that they are above the law. They do not want to pay taxes to pay for services such as roads, hospitals, snow removal, firefighters or even armies to protect us. They opt out of society and have no allegiance to the country.

The folks from the Ontario Landowners Association are the exact opposite. We believe in law and order. We believe the individual rights of a person are above the rights of the ‘collective will’ and that if every single person’s rights are protected, then everyone’s rights are protected. We believe in good government that respects peoples’ rights and freedoms and ensures that the poor and frail have the same equal protection under the law as the rich and strong have. We believe that no one should be discriminated against, no matter their religion, gender, colour, heritage or age. We also believe that the government we pay to serve us, must always follow the law. That law was created to protect our property rights and personal freedoms by those who gave their lives so that we could continue as a free nation. The torch is now in our hands and we better not drop it and fail. We must hold our employees in the government to account and never let them treat any of our citizens with disrespect. If the laws aren’t fair, we need to fix them, if our courts aren’t there for justice for all, then we need to overhaul them and if our politicians are only in it for their own glory and not to serve, then we need to vote them out.

As for the Freeman of the Land. You are not welcome in the Ontario Landowners Association and we reject your selfish approach to society and your anarchistic approach to our country.