Freedom Is Our Greatest Wealth by Tom Black

Tom Black

Brexit. Wow! Who would have thought that any country would bow out of what was promoted as an economic masterpiece created after the Second World War to try and bring the countries of Europe into the same fold. The hope was that they would become sort of the United States of Europe, and thus would start to think as one country and be able to look out for the wellbeing of the member states and avoid the wars that plagued these countries through the centuries. Obviously their goals were admirable, but when power is given to 33,000 bureaucrats, even great intentions can be lost as the DNA of mankind comes into play. That DNA is unwavering and always tries to gain more control. That is what happened here as the EU went from developing economic models to promote trade internally within those countries, to something far different.

The UK started pulling away from their traditional trading partners like Canada, Austria and the USA in favour of the close to home, more promising trade with the EU. Problems started to show up when the headquarters at Brussels started to dictate social changes like how much curve a banana could have before being disqualified as salable, or how much power a vacuum cleaner used before being rejected for abuse of the “Green Agenda” adopted by this EU.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was uneasy with the way things were going and refused to change the currency from the pound to the euro and also refused to sign on to the Schengen System which forbid countries from checking on anyone with a EU passport and refusing them entry.

It is great to see that old spirit of freedom and defiance is still alive and well in England and Wales whose people stood up to Hitler and refused to give up. This same spirit granted the world the greatest document of personal rights and freedoms in the form of the Magna Carta back in the 13th century. That document led to the democracies that sprung up throughout the world propagated by the British Empire. The increasing control over internal everyday living that overrode the democratic control expected by a free people finally resulted in a backlash that was the vote to leave the EU. The older generation is often mentioned in the media as being short sighted for the future of the younger generation, but the fact is the older folks can remember firsthand the sacrifice of their family in the name of freedom and they don’t want to go down in history as the generation that threw it away for the promise of a better economy.

Freedom is our greatest wealth.