Brockton Opposes Conservation Hike

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Council wants Saugeen Conservaton Authority to lower proposed budget increase by Robin Garvey
A proposed 1.9 per cent budget increase to the Saugeen Conservation Authority is not sitting well with Brockton.

Council has rejected the 2015 draft budget — requesting the Saugeen Conservation Authority go back to the table and look for more savings.

The proposed 1.9 per cent increase represents an overall budget hike of 30 thousand dollars on the 1.6 million dollar budget.

This works out to be an increase of $5,000 for Brockton — raising the municipalities total levy contribution to almost $137,000.

Mayor David Inglis notes that municipalities like Brockton are expected to make cuts and hold the line, and the Conservation Authority is no different.

Deputy Mayor Rollie Anstett will take Brockton’s concerns back to the board for the Saugeen Conservation Authority.

Anstett says the draft 2015 budget is a ‘bare bones’ budget — but he maintains there may be a little wiggle room to find a few more savings.

Of the 15 municipalities within the Saugeen Watershed, the proposed 2015 draft budget will hit Saugeen Shores with the highest dollar increase at $9,000.

Kincardine’s share will also go up by $4,000.