Wind Turbines are coming to Rural Ottawa by the Carleton Landowners Association

The Carleton Landowners Association has learned that the City of Ottawa is planning to install as many as 710 wind turbines and approximately 36 square kilometers of solar panels in addition to 122 large shipping containers of lithium batteries in our City by 2050. These plans are laid out in the City’s Energy Evolution Strategy (EES) document, approved at Council in October 2020. Although the solar panels are destined mostly for rooftops, we can only guess that the wind turbines will be erected in rural Ottawa, and possibly on agricultural land.

Staff has been directed to start work on projects for 2020-2025 which includes large wind turbines to provide 20 MW of wind power.  City staff report that:

“The size of the wind turbine affects the number of wind turbines. If we look at industry trends and assume 6MW turbines would be used, a 20MW project would be 3-4 large turbines. For wind, the energy may be sourced within Ottawa or regionally.

It is noteworthy that the wind turbines at the controversial Nation Rise Wind Farm are 3.3 MW so at 6 MW, the ones the City is planning on installing must be truly large AND its looks like they could be built outside Ottawa. The City says: At this stage, these are planning concepts and no sites are currently under consideration or negotiation.

Do you want this plan to go any further?

We are encouraging everyone to spread the word.

If you live in Ottawa, we encourage you to speak to your councillor about the direction the City is taking.

Mayor and City Councillors | City of Ottawa

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