Was the Firearms “Buy-Back” Program Just a Bluff by Cheryl Gallant

Ottawa, ON – Cheryl Gallant, Member of Parliament for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke is demanding the Liberal Government scrap its recent prohibition of select firearms based on appearance following the cancellation of the tender for the design of a program to purchase the newly prohibited firearms.

“What the Liberals announced in May was a policy without a plan,” said Cheryl Gallant. “Trudeau tried to outsource a plan the way he outsourced a paid volunteer policy to WE Charity.”

“The Liberal policy of systematically prohibiting some firearms because of the way they look was flawed from the start. Now we know they have no plan and no budget for a program to purchase prohibited firearms. Which begs the question, what is Trudeau’s real plan?”

“With the stroke of a pen and no debate in Parliament, the Trudeau Liberals destroyed the value of Canadians’ private property. They promised a plan to provide compensation, but now they seem to be breaking that promise.”

“When Parliament resumes, property owners can rest assured I will be standing up for their rights. The Liberals must be held accountable for their corruption, mismanagement, and waste.”

“Public Safety Minister Bill Blair had better be ready to answer some tough questions. The lawful firearms owners this government seems intent on criminalizing deserve answers.”

“I want real answers rather than irrelevant talking points, so I am extending the courtesy of providing these questions to him in advance:”

  • Why was the tender for the design of a prohibited firearms purchasing program cancelled?
  • Does the government have plans to fully compensate lawful firearms owners for the destruction of property triggered by the Order-In-Council?
  • If the government has no plan to purchase the firearms they themselves prohibited, what is to become of firearms owners when the amnesty expires?
  • If the government has a plan, what is the budget for the program? When was the funding approved by Parliament? If the funding has not been approved, who authorized a tender for a contract?

Source: http://cherylgallant.com