TRUDEAU ADOPTS CHINESE COMMUNIST POLICY: The Plan to End Private Property Ownership by MP Cheryl Gallant

Canada is known the world over for its natural beauty. Each year, millions of people from every country on Earth visit our national or provincial parks.

The Communists who control China are known as international environmental criminals. Communist China is the largest polluter on the planet. Naturally, the Trudeau Liberals thought this Communist party would be the perfect partner to lead the world in drafting an international agreement to protect the environment.

The Trudeau Liberals and the Chinese Communist Party worked closely with the United Nations to establish the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. While most Canadians were busy with last minute Christmas preparations, Envirocrats were meeting in Montreal. On December 22, 2022, the final agreement was reached.

(Fig. 1: Canada and China joined together to establish UN Biodiversity Framework)

The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework creates 23 targets to be completed in the next seven years, but it is the first three which have Canadians worried.

Target 3 has been the one to attract the most attention from the media. It calls for protecting 30% of Canada’s ecologically pristine land and water by 2030.

Target 2 calls for restoring 30% of “degraded” land to a natural state. What the Enviro-crats mean by “degraded” is land used by humans, such as for roads, farms, and homes.

Target 1 calls for the end of all biodiversity loss by ensuring all land and water fall under “integrated biodiversity inclusive spatial planning and/or effective management processes”. Translated from enviro-speak, this means all land and water in Canada must be covered by a Conservation Authority of some type.