The Old Rooster on the New Capital Gains Tax

OLD ROOSTER here, and I got to say I aint ever heard of anything so gestapo-like as that there speech the tilty headed little finance minister made splainin’ that there capital gains tax she be wanted to implement.  WHHHOOOOEEEE with that there speech and with that report bein’ released by them Canadian secret service folks if’n I twere a gamblin’ bird I jest might be puttin’ my money on that tilty headed little finance girlie. 

Now a Rooster aint no accountant but even a cocky barn-yard pecker can see this here increase in the capital gains aint gonna be on them 1 percenters.  And goin’ back to what that tilty headed little finance minister had to say, and you don’t be laughin’ but this here is what she done and said:

“Do we want to live in a country where those at the very top live lives of luxury but must do so in gated communities behind ever higher fences using private health care and airplanes because the public sphere is so degraded and the wrath of the vast majority of their lesser privileged compatriots burns so hot…”   

Now me and some of the chickens, heck even the old mule, well we had us a real good laugh over the language she be usin’.  But the one word that really stood out to all of us that kind of really quieted all of us down twas that word “compatriot.”  Soon as we heard that, well, we all looked at each other and decided this aint no statement from a minister in a free and democratic country.  Heck we was kinda surprised she just didn’t break out the word “comrades” all the while rollin’ her “r.”

And this here plan well it be socialist, if not that there communism, 101.  This is where government try and convince the folks that government is just takin’ from the real rich and not the everyday folks, and yet, that’s exactly what this here government is doin.’  They is takin from the small business owners, them folks that worked hard all their lives so they could buy things that they can leave to their kin, sell for their retirement and the like.  These aint thems, like the tilty headed minister of finance, who is flyin’ all over the world, livin’ the life of Riley and so on.  Maybe she just tilty headed herself one too many times to not be realizin’ this is just hurtin all of them yongin’s causin Ma and Pa aint gonna have as much to be passin’ in their estates, let alone to be able to retire on in a good life style. 

My friend who emails this here thingie for me, well she talks bout a book called “Why They Behave Like Russians.”  And from that book, well there’s a pretty good paragraph or so, and you can maybe be doin’ a comparison.  Here you’s go:

“…There is no pretense, of course, of government by the people, nor any real understanding of what it means.  The Communist regards “the nonparty masses” as a herd of lazy, slow-witted, bearlike creatures, benumbed by centuries of serfdom, who have to be coaxed and chivvied along the road of The Perfect Society by the Party shepherds.  The common man cannot be trusted to decide what is good for him, because he would almost certainly wants nothing more than a full belly, warm clothes and a long nap on top of the brick stove.  Certainly he is not farsighted enough to choose the bone-cracking labor and the endless self-denial which are demanded by the new series of Five Year Plans.

Public policy, therefore, must be left in the hands of the elite, who are specially trained to deal with such matters.”

This is the OLD ROOSTER saying WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, that there tility headed finance minister is figurin’ that she be part of them that is “trained to deal with such matters,” and yet with all that fancy “compatriot” or should we be sayin “comrade’ chatter, she be showin’ she aint so trained tother than to be taken from the average folks to give to the elites that be workin’ for her and her kind.  So, get that there coffee of your’n’ done, causin ifn’ this is allowed to continue you’ll be lucky ifn’ you’ll even be able to get, let alone drink, another cup of that coffee…