The Old Rooster does not do Internet … and neither do many Canadians

OLD ROOSTER here, and I can’t blame the Premier for using my “WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE,” but there are a lot of folks that is blaming him and that federally government of putting them out of business.  Maybe it’s time the Premier to listened to his-self about WAKIN UP AND SMELLIN THE COFFEE!

You all might be wonderin’ just what the Sam-Hill this old bird is goin’ on about.  Well, it’s the government mandatory online thingies.  Now ifn’ I wasn’t a Rooster I know I’d be as mad as a wet hen but I have to careful when talkin’ about the hens – they sometimes get a little cranky.  But I don’t think the Premier or that other fella in Ottawa know just how much damages they is doin’ to Canada and the folks in Ontario.

The province is demandin’ that businesses do everyone online, right down to them folks at W.S.I.B. and then them federallies is demanded that every business file their taxes on line, including that God forSaken Tax (GST).  See the thing about all of this here on-line melarky is not everybody can do it.

See that there thingie called “StatsCan” did a study a couple of years ago and government already knows that folks don’t have the internet, don’t know how to use the internet, don’t want to use the internet or them government web-sites are just not secure enough for anybody to be trustin’ government with their information.  That there StatsCan says “almost one-in-four Canadians (24%) had either no engagement or only very limited engagement with the Internet and digital technologies.” (Internet-use Typology of Canadians: Online Activities and Digital Skills)

Used to be we all thought a “hacker” twas somebody who had a really bad cough – now-a-days these are the nasty-nasties who get into folks computer systems and wreck havoc.  Seems them government folks is getting’ more and more of them bad coughs happen and they is makin’ everybody else’s computers sick…or whatever the heck or hack they is doin’.

So, here’s some of that uppity information for you.  It says, and don’t be laughin but, on them letters you receive tellin’ you, you gotta go online (yup government sends you a letter tellin’ you you gotta go online to do stuff…I just crack me up…) it says: “Mandatory electronic filing for goods and services tax / harmonized sales tax returns.”  Now ifn’ that aint bad enough…then them there letters says:  “paper processing, on the other hand, is vulnerable to human error and disruptions.”  Now I aint no rocket scientist but can’t them errors happen just as easy on a computer…I can’t believe your folks taxes actually pay for this stuff.

Then there’s that coughin’ hacker thingie.  Wow, after reading some of them reports on this internet thingie, no wonder more and more Canadians is shyin’ away from it.  See there was this here report called “Investigation of unauthorized disclosures and modifications of personal information held by Canada Revenue Agency and Employment and Social Development Canada resulting from cyber attacks,” Special report to Parliament done in February.  And that report kind a said it all.

“The investigation found that attackers used, among other things, the CRA’s sign-in portal and ESDC’s “GCKey” authentication service to infiltrate their online services and access individuals’ online accounts using stolen credentials (such as login information and passwords) that were obtained from previous breaches. Attackers used a technique known as credential stuffing, which allowed them to access, modify and create new online accounts in these stolen identities to fraudulently redirect government benefit payments to other bank accounts.”

Again, I aint no rocket scientist but “Both departments, as well as Treasury Board Secretariat (“TBS”) and other GC departments playing a central role in security safeguards, have since implemented corrections. However, we found that certain safeguard weaknesses persist and remain unresolved. To this end, we made recommendations related to: (i) improved authentication practices, (ii) coordinated and collaborative accountability for security decision-making, and (iii) effective monitoring.”

It doesn’t matter if “both departments” have implemented corrections.  It clearly states “However, we found that certain safeguard weaknesses persist and remain unresolved.” [emphasis added].  And if it has been breached before it will be again.

This is the OLD ROOSTER saying WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, Premier and you federallies…cause you is putting business out of business and this country caint afford your kind of government anymore and Canadians want to drink that there cup of coffee without them hackie-coughers you all keep getting infected with….

Published on behalf of the Old Rooster who does not have internet.