The Liberal Wynne – a Poem by Dale Dawson

Come all you students and scholars of history and rational people alarmed at the mystery

Our class will study, and I know it’s quite grim the mind-boggling madness of the liberal Wynne

Is the liberal Wynne really a fad or are they just units cloned in a lab?

Come now my students, we must buckle down and examine these bozos from the top to the ground

We need to capture and perform a few tests to make sure they have a heart in their chests

The liberal Wynne will be hard to catch as they scramble and slither into the hatch

The mother ship will climb where the air is quite thin and hurry back home with the liberal Wynne

All right class I’ve created your wrath as I’ve purposely led you down this strange path

But the liberal Wynne cannot be explained as its lemming like tendencies are really insane

And so, my students for what it’s all worth we’ve proved in our tests they’re not of this earth