The Hamilton/Halton Landowners Association invites you to attend a Monthly Meeting

The Hamilton/Halton Landowners Association was conceived several years ago as we felt that there was a need in our area for information concerning government restriction and regulation of private property. We frequently hear stories of abuse regarding bylaw, Niagara Escarpment Commission and Conservation Authorities. A number of us were and still are members of the Niagara Landowners Association which predated our group by a number of years.

Our mission is to learn and share information as it applies to private property rights. Our focus has been on Crown Grants, because in this area the grants largely originated prior to Confederation and were gifts from the Sovereign of the Crown. The grants were meant as an incentive to settle this harsh land, repayment for loyalty or payment for military service. The grants were generally issued with restrictions, most often the clearing of 10 acres for a homestead and the building of a dwelling. Once accomplished, the grants were patented, that is stamped with the Great Seal, and documented as the root of title in the land register. Although some land rights may have reserved for the Crown, a basket of rights remained for the owner, including for his sole and only use, heirs and assigns forever. These words, the timing of the grants and the fact that our land was owned in “fee simple” has formed the basis for a legal challenge we are currently preparing.

To learn more about our Association and the legal challenge we are preparing, join us at one of our monthly meetings.

All are welcome to attend.  Our meetings are held at 115 Main St S in Waterdown, beginning at 7:15pm the last Tuesday of every month.

For more information contact Don Johnson at 905-577-7859.