The Great Reset by Donna Burns

The Ontario Landowners Association has tried for years now to educate property owners on what they should be aware of with respect to the restrictions and regulations being enforced upon them unlawfully … against what is written within our legislation.  We have attempted to explain about the UN Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development that was created in 1992 and later expanded  to the UN Agenda 2030 whereby Canada (among several other countries) signed agreements, as member states of the United Nations to begin the enforcement of these Agendas.  Agenda 21 was the introduction of the “Sustainable Development” plan … a plan that soon revealed to us the intent to eventually remove ownership of private property from the people through the enforcement of regulating and restricting the control of land use by private property owners.  Many people have accused us of being conspiracy theorists … thinking to themselves that this government would not throw their own people under the bus and remove from them their ability to individually grow and prosper in the care and development of their private land and property.

With this new crisis, there have been many who have questioned the legitimacy of this “Pandemic” and all the new regulations and restrictions that have been introduced under the Emergency Measures Act that removes our FREE CHOICE  to do as we used to do .  I think all of you will agree that the FEAR imposed upon us through the media has been very effective.    FEAR is written over everyone’s face … you can tell by looking at all those who are wearing the masks.  FEAR, as we have witnessed, is a very effective tool for CONTROL of the people.

Prior to the release of this Pandemic, we had the “Environmental Crisis” where we saw municipal Official Plans unlawfully imposing designations on our private properties that not only restricted our use of our properties, but also decreased their value.  We saw waterfront properties being flooded out while under the provincial control of dams in 1-100-year flood plains.  We saw conservation authorities over-stepping their mandate and authority to restrict people from operating or building on their private properties.  In January 2019, we saw the Canada Food Guide remove meat, poultry & dairy products from their nutrition to be replaced with plant-based proteins.  This made no sense … but the pieces of the puzzle started to come together when we learned the World Wildlife Fund were making claims that the domesticated farm animals are taking away food from the wildlife, while at the same time this same organization is hob-knobbing with large farm organizations offering to “work” with them in the beef cattle industry.  Really?  While the Health Officials have recommended the reduction of meats, poultry and dairy products from the Canada Food Guide, does nobody in government realize this is an attempt to shut down the Animal Agriculture Farming Industry – an industry owned and operated by many private property owners. Gerald Butts – a personal friend and top adviser to Justin Trudeau, was also the former head of the World Wildlife Fund. Can you connect the dots?

Just in the past recent weeks, we learn that PM Trudeau wants to focus on bringing forth regulations to “protect the Environment” through their Green New Deal – a plan (under the umbrella of Sustainable Development from the UN Agenda 21).  This was former Secretary General of United Nations, Maurice Strong’s idea.  He was also the former Chairman of Ontario Hydro that very same year in 1992.  This was the same man who said, “air conditioning was not sustainable”, “grazing of animals in field pastures was not sustainable”, “golf courses were not sustainable” and so on.  It all fits in nicely with the “Green New Deal”.  The news recently reported a conflict between PM  Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau (Finance Minister) wherein Trudeau wanted to spend $$$ and push hard for the Green New Deal and Morneau wants to put more $$$ into fixing the economy as a result of the pandemic.  All this comes out at the same time as the WE scandal investigations that involved both the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister.  Isn’t it interesting that one (Morneau) resigns and the other (Trudeau) prorogues parliament to stop any further investigations on this scandal?   It would seem, proroguing parliament also frees up more time for the Prime Minister to quickly put together more Environmental regulations under the Green New Deal umbrella that will do even more harm to our economy … especially in the rural areas. I expect we will see BIG CHANGES coming very soon.  This is the GREAT RESET, I believe, that is planned for Canada. The States are going through the exact same thing where the Democrats (Liberals) are really pushing for the “Green New Deal”, just as Tom DeWeese had explained at our AGM in October 2019.  Some of you will recall him telling us that in some states they were bulldozing down the single residential homes in the suburbs to be replaced with “affordable housing projects” – apartments with each unit approximately 300 sq. feet.  We have heard claims made through the Black Lives Matter and Antifa organizations that everyone should be treated equally — “it wasn’t fair that some people owned a single home, and others didn’t”.  Is that why we see on the news the burning and destruction of private property by radicals?  Coincidentally, one of the 17 Goals in the UN Agenda 2030 is “there will be no more poverty” – we hear there must be a “redistribution of wealth”.  Our children have been indoctrinated through our education system where they have learned to accept they don’t have to study as hard as others … because everybody passes their grade – being treated “equal”.  A great incentive to want to do better, isn’t it? The “Green New Deal”, our Green Energy Act are both stemmed out of the UN Agendas 21 and 2030.  All the destruction and chaos with riots, etc. that are happening in the States with Black Lives Matters and Antifa, etc. are part of the Democratic plan to get Trump removed from Office because he “opened up the economy” for the States and INCREASED small private business operations which ultimately INCREASED the employment in record numbers and DECREASED dependency on social welfare. This works totally AGAINST the Democrats plan for the “Green New Deal”.  If Trump gets back in this November, he will continue on the path that he started:” Make America Great Again”.  It’s all about Private-Public Partnerships – the 3 P’s … as Tom DeWeese explained where big business industry partners with government for total CONTROL on the economy and how the people shall live.  You see, in my opinion, this is all about allowing ONLY certain Elites in big business chains, etc. to become wealthier, while the small independent and private businesses are forced to shut down.  We have attempted to show where proposed Climate Change policies being developed are going to hurt our rural living, our farming industry, our oil and gas industry and so on.  There have been many different organizations and people who have researched sufficient information to come to the same conclusion.

I would like to share with you what Glenn Beck explains and how he in his video link below connects some of the dots:   (12 minutes)

Also of interest, is the video he refers showing highlights of Event 201:   (11 minutes)

Donna Burns is the Eastern Vice-President for the Ontario Landowners Association and President – Renfrew Pembroke Nipissing County Chapter