Support for Crown Land Patents from America

If you have ever attended a meeting where Liz Marshall, the OLA’s Director of Research, was speaking about the importance of obtaining your crown land patent, you will remember that she also recommended getting a certified copy of the patent, making sure you had a copy of your deed, and that you did a title search from the current deed back to the Patent.

Guess what? The same recommendations are made by Ron Gibson to Americans on the website Defend Rural America

Ron is the Chairman of the Jefferson Mining District in Grants Pass, Oregon and a lecturer on a wide range of topics including land patents. He is not a lawyer but he has studied law and is considered an expert in patents in the USA.

The Defend Rural America website offers two videos, Land Patents 101 – Concepts and Land Patents 102 – How to Claim your Allodial Rights which we recommend you take the time to watch. They are about one hour each so grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and be amazed.