Planet of the Humans – A Review

There is a lot of talk going around about the new Jeff Gibbs / Michael Moore movie called “Planet of the Humans”. People on the left, in particular those climate change activist groups, hate it. Those who debunk the green energy solution as a way of saving the planet find it refreshing and vindicating.

But wait! Is it really a giant reversal of thinking on the part of “environmentalists” Jeff Gibbs, Executive Director and Michael Moore, Executive Producer?

The movie attacks solar panels, wind turbines, biomass, and electric cars. It is also a doom and gloom story: there is no salvation for mankind either with petroleum or with the green energy option (which according to the movie is mostly supported by petroleum and coal). Capitalism, over population of the planet along with over consumption are the culprits of this documentary. Listen carefully for these messages. Worth around 50 million dollars, Moore is reportedly against capitalism.

The movie was released, for free, on YouTube on Earth Day (April 22) for 30-days.