OLA Speaker Series with Sylvia Rhodes January 2020

I had been working as a grass roots volunteer with United Shoreline Ontario to “spread the message of the IJC’s policy failure” and to hopefully garner support for the countless Lake Ontario shoreline property owners who had lost acres of land as a result of IJC’s policy.

My first contact with OLA was when I reached out to Gord Robinson on Saturday July 25, 2020 … as the MNRF had just shown up at our waterfront Oshawa home armed with guns strapped to their hips, telling us this was the first time they had been out doing site inspections for MNRF shoreline repair work since the pandemic lockdown had started in March, 2020. They visited us as our shoreline community’s staff, Oshawa, had no idea what an MNRF shoreline repair work permit was supposed to look like and obviously, these “enforcement officers” were there to ensure we were not attempting to recover our property that had been eroded due to the IJC (International Joint Commission) tampering with lake levels THAT CAUSED the shoreline devastation all around Lake Ontario. In fact, the IJC’s POLICY had caused so much damage that New York state launched a class action lawsuit against the IJC, and the Canadian & US Governments (given that the IJC is jointly accountable to those two governments).

Let’s see what our Canadian provincial, federal and municipal governments did to support our efforts to restore our damaged properties.