OLA Meeting in Cobourg a Success

We didn’t know what to expect on Saturday at our first Spring Directors’ Meeting in three years. Our last meeting was in 2019, also at the Cobourg Legion. On Saturday, our guests arrived at a brand-new building with ground floor entrance and a beautiful hall with plenty of room. It was a delight! Catering was excellent with a light breakfast of coffee, tea, donuts and muffins followed at noon by a hardy lunch of rolls, cold cuts, salads, and dessert.

Rather than a strictly business meeting, the Executive chose a more relaxed agenda with guest speakers but plenty of time for informal and formal discussion. It was time for old friends and new to chat and catch up.

The meeting started with welcoming remarks and an overview of the agenda by President, Jeff Bogaerts. Jeff also spoke about continued harassment of landowners by Conservation Authorities. Eastern Ontario VP Donna Burns spoke about the need to watch for the development of comprehensive bylaws in your municipality while Western VP Bob Weirmeir noted the importance of knowing your rights and the law.

Mark Snow, leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party spoke of the importance of property rights and encouraged people to be aware of what’s happening around us. Ade Olumide is considering a bid for Mayor of Ottawa. He outlined some of his ideas which he says should appeal to voters as they are unique.

The OLA also welcomed the Hon. David Piccini, Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks who generously answered questions mostly about Conservation Authorities. MP Philip Lawrence, Northumberland-Peterborough South who agreed that the war in Ukraine will put pressure on Canadian farmers as they are pressured to produce more food.

To end off the afternoon, Peter Novotny described his family’s experiences with Quinte Conservation.

Jeff closed the meeting around 3 PM, thanking all who came and announcing that the OLA expects to have our Annual General Meeting in October at the same location. Stay tuned!

Thanks all who attended and to all the volunteers who made this meeting possible.