OLA Hosts Public Meeting in Lindsay on October 22 2016

Have you ever been to a Landowner meeting? No? Then maybe it’s time. If you live in or around Lindsay, Ontario near Peterborough, we recommend you come to the OLA Public meeting and dinner being held on Saturday October 22. Don’t live near Lindsay? Why not take a mini holiday and stay over? It’s all happening at the Admiral Inn, 1754 Highway 7, Lindsay, Ontario.

For $35 per person, you get dinner served by Konstantine’s Restaurant plus entry to the public meeting with guest speaker John Robson. Robson will be speaking on the right to bear arms in Canada. We don’t normally think of this right in Canada – it is more commonly thought of as an American thing. But Robson says that “your right to bear arms is as Canadian as maple syrup”.

We also have Len Harris, former Australian senator who will explain where many of the land use issues we face every day come from. Not to be missed is Jeff Bogaerts’s presentation called “Just Shut Up”. Jeff is Vice President of the OLA and a paralegal specializing in land use cases.

What Landowner meeting would be complete without a presentation by Elizabeth Marshall, OLA Director of Research? She will share her thoughts on the redundancy of Conservation Authorities in Ontario, Bill 100, and the state of politics in Ontario.

Tom Black, President of the OLA, will bring us up to date on what the OLA has been up to in the past year. You may be surprised to learn how we are engaging with more and more people in Ontario.

Click here for more information on the meeting and to register for the dinner.