OLA ENews – Ten Years and Counting by Shirley Dolan

Shirley Dolan
Shirley Dolan

This is my last edition of the OLA ENews. It has been my greatest pleasure to have served as the OLA ENews editor over the past ten years. I thank all the contributors who made my job easier by submitting interesting and thought-provoking articles. Thanks also to Marlene Black who helped me search out stories and proofread some of the longer more complex ones. I appreciate our subscribers who took the time to read each edition and provide comments. Most of all, thanks to our webmaster, Dino Iannuzzi, who conceived the idea of an online newsletter and made sure the news was published on time, every time. I couldn’t have done it without you.

We started the ENews in July 2013. The first edition featured stories by Tom and Marlene Black, then President of the OLA and Editor of the Landowner Magazine, respectively. All of the articles that we published over those 10 years are available on the OLA website although they may be a bit harder to find since the last reorganization of the OLA webpages. Also, some of the links may no longer work but many of the stories still resonate today.  I usually go to the OLA home page and click on one of the Latest OLA News stories then use the search option to find my favourite author.

Looking back, I found this article written by Tom Black in October 2018 Is There Hope for Rural Ontario? by Tom Black | Ontario Landowners Association The notion that Toronto should be its own district like Washington in the USA is just as true today.

Here’s another one written by Marlene Black in October 2014 Time for Some Accountability by Marlene Black | Ontario Landowners Association – another message that is still meaningful today.

We have had many notable contributors in addition to Tom and Marlene Black: Jeff Bogaerts, Bob Weimeir, Elizabeth Marshall, Tom DeWeese, Tim Ball, Cheryl Gallant, Donna Burns, Joanne Cooney, and many, many more.

Over the ten years, we have written extensively about property rights, but we have also used the OLA ENews to announce meetings and events such as the OLA AGM or a plowing match, to alert our readers about our concerns for new legislation, the OLA’s successes in court, how to represent yourself in court, and the passing of those near and dear to us.

The OLA ENews is unique in that it is open to all who subscribe (which can be done for free on our website). Each monthly edition is sent to the subscriber’s email inbox on the first of the month.

Best wishes to the OLA ENews for another ten years. I look forward to the next edition.