Niagara Landowners Association Annual General Meeting Friday May 12th

Mark your calendar for Friday May 12th starting at 7 PM at the Rockway Community Centre, 2021 Pelham Road, Lincoln, ON. That’s the date of the Niagara Landowners Association (NLA) AGM. Guest speakers include Gary McHale and Ed Smith. Admission is free – donations are gratefully accepted. Help keep government in their place and out of yours. Bring your neighbours. For more information, call Dave Honey (President, NLA) at 905-380-3803.

Gary McHale is the founder and president of CanAce Inc (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality). He is best known for his peaceful involvement in the civil rights struggle in Caledonia where the OPP and the Ontario government systematically suspended the rights of the entire town for years. He continues to advocate for civil, human, and property rights. Gary is an excellent speaker. You owe it to yourself to hear his presentation!

Ed Smith is a 25-year veteran who served in Bosnia and as a UN peacekeeper in South Sudan. According to the CBC, “The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) filed a suit against Smith, 55, in November after he publicly questioned the board’s ethics, especially connected to its hiring of board members and a proposal to “sacrifice” prized Carolinian swampland to development.

The NPCA oversees 39 conservation areas and trails in a watershed — which includes parts of the City of Hamilton, the county of Haldimand and the entire Niagara Region — and is funded by close to one million taxpayers.”
Ed will share with you his personal experiences of fighting for transparency and good governance in the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.