News from Haliburton County Landowners Association by Kythe Baldwin

I’d like to start this off in a positive fashion and give a huge shout out to those within the OLA who set up the AGM and made sure as the newest chapter coming to the table has been given every bit of help and assurance to help us off to a successful start.  We’re experiencing the same growing pains that most chapters go through but with the guidance and structure planning we’ve been getting from different members of the OLA we are going to be a force to be reckoned with.  The Haliburton County Landowners Association is pulling a chair up to the table….and we’re here to stay.

 One of the avenues that we are hoping to drive home is our YouTube Channel.  It gives us an ‘in time’ format to be in touch with our members and really drive the message home that we are here to ensure the public’s private property rights will not only be respected, but also defended.

 With that being said, we are looking for subscribers to our YouTube Channel.  We need a minimum of 50 subscribers in order to allow us to go live on YouTube which can be enormous as you know.  To be able to control the narrative with a live broadcast takes the control away from the townships and allows us to reach our members when we want to or more importantly, when we have to!!

 If you wouldn’t mind not only subscribing, but also passing this along to your memberships so that all OLA members can be updated with a simple click of the mouse!

 As always…thanks for all that you do and all your support.  If there is anything the HCLA can do to be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to let us know…

Kythe Baldwin
Vice President
HCLA Media