National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Wants Seat At The Table; Winds Up In Bed With Torture, Rape, And Murder by Kathleen Marquardt

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) has said they need a seat at the table with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in order to protect beef’s interest. You have to ask yourself, why would the NCBA, a meat producing organization, want to be aligned with an organization which has stated that “to save the Earth it is demanded that we change human consumption habits away from beef.”

Forget the seat at the table. Forget stopping people from eating meat. The question becomes, “Why would the NCBA want to crawl under the covers with an organization that is up to its eyeballs in torture, rape, and murder.

Consider this new report on WWF. BuzzFeed News, according to Wikipedia is seen as a left-leaning site, so this story cannot be called a hit-job by the right. At the behest of Survival International (SI), they have been investigating reports about WWF’s actions in Africa.

SI’s concerns for the actions of WWF are based on SI’s viewpoint that “the model of conservation imposed by big NGOs (like WWF, Wildlife Conservation Society, African Parks, The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, etc) in Africa and Asia is “colonial conservation”. ‘ SI contends colonial conservation “is based on the idea that indigenous and tribal people can’t be trusted to look after their land and that those best placed to protect the environment are Western conservation organisations and their “fortress conservation” model.” There are another six points of this definition that you can read here.

More on the Survival International story later, I would like to offer up some background facts on WWF. This information is from Ron Arnold’s Trashing the Economy, published in 1993:

The powerful WWF is one of the wealthiest groups in the international arena. That shouldn’t be too surprising for an organization that gets 20% of its income from your federal tax money, and another 10% from industry, and half from foundations. (At that time Prince Philip was President the World Wildlife Fund.)

William K. Reilly, former head of EPA, was named by Laurance Rockefeller to be executive director of the Task Force on Land Use and Urban Growth, where he was editor of its report, The Use of Land: A Citizens Policy Guide. This 1973 report urged policy makers to use environmentalism as a stalking-horse for federal land use controls.

As Insight magazine reported, “The trick was to assert federal control without compensating owners for the uses they would lose.

The report said, “It is time that the U.S. Supreme Court re-examine its precedents that seem to require a balancing of public benefit against land value loss . . . and declare that, when the protection of natural, cultural, or aesthetic resources or the assurance of orderly development are involved, a mere loss in land value is no justification for invalidating the regulation on land use.

Reilly’s report laid out the basics of using ‘biological diversity’ as a rationale for growth management, i.e., limiting The Two Nasty Things, single-family housing and commercial agriculture, or virtually any economic use. (Remember, this was 1973.)

Reilly then went to the EPA. There he spoke his mind even more freely. “The land market . . . is the principal obstacle to effective protection of private open space. Open spaces should be insulated as completely as possible from the market forces that now press them into development. One way to accomplish this . . . is for owners of open spaces to give up or sell part of their property rights.

Being the Number Three Economy Trasher in Arnold’s great reference book, there are almost 30 pages of information on the WWF. I recommend reading it.

All this tells me that WWF has long been a tool in the globalist’s box of tricks to do away with property rights, and that includes ranching, obviously. Therefore, there can only be nefarious reasons for NCBA to be a tool of the WWF.

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