Muskoka-Pary Sound Landowners Association Meeting by Bob Weirmeir

On Sat. Aug. 20, 2022 the Muskoka-Parry Sound Landowners met at the Quality Inn in Bracebridge. Also attending was Governor Vaughn Johnstone and his wife Merla, OLA Director of Research Elizabeth Marshall, and Saugeen Regional Landowners President and OLA Co-Vice President Bob Weirmeir.

The meeting was opened by Brock Napier, who gave a rundown of previous local Landowner wins. Brock then stepped down as Interm President of that chapter. Bob Weirmeir then presided over the meeting and an election was called.

Sandy Max, a long-time OLA member recently having moved from the Niagara region was elected as President. Gerry Addley, from the Simcoe Landowners graciously took on the role as Vice-President. His hope is with renewed activity in the region, the Simcoe Landowners will grow with the combined forces of the two groups. Brock Napier is staying active in the group and is now named as a Director. Karen Bainbridge has agreed to stay on as secretary-treasurer. A big thank you to all who have volunteered to be on the executive, and an additional round of applause for Brock and Karen for all they have done in the past to keep this chapter current.

Bob Weirmeir continued the meeting giving a brief summary of recent OLA wins and a few of his local wins. The local wins may not be as big on the radar, but meeting with Bylaw and Conservation officials and having a positive outcome for the property owner shows the grass root workings are still effective. The big OLA wins reported gave members an insight as to what the OLA executive has been active in during out two years of forced lockdowns. A brief question and answer period followed.

At midpoint in the meeting, a break was called as some of us needed “fresh air”. Coffee was procured and Sandy Max, as new President, came prepared with various freshly baked goods. Understandably our break was longer than anticipated.

Resuming the meeting Elizabeth Marshall took the floor explaining a few bylaws her municipality is proposing and the ramifications they could have not only for local residents, but also for Grey County, with the fear it would spread across Ontario. As we all know, Liz has done her homework in her research of many provincial and some federal Acts that make the proposed bylaw unlawful and unenforceable. The many questions and scenarios brought forward after this and Liz’s quick and accurate responses proved to us all we had the right person at the front of the room.

Many memberships were renewed, signs distributed and donations received throughout and after the meeting. In all it was a good day for the Muskoka-Parry Sound Landowners Assn. as well as the OLA.

Thank you all for a great day and again a special thanks to the new executive for “stepping up”. It is appreciated.