Letter to Hon. David Piccini, MPP from Jeff Bogaerts, President, OLA

Mr. Piccini,

The Ontario Landowners Association has been involved in Property Rights issues since 2003. Since that time, the OLA has accumulated a significant amount of knowledge and experience which we have added to our website. The documents are free to the public. www.fixthelaw.ca.

We have reviewed the proposed changes to the Conservation Authorities Act, Bill 229 Schedule 6, and we agree with these changes.

In general comment, the changes appear to be administrative in nature. We have been reviewing comments from Conservation Ontario and several Conservation Authorities. We do not agree with their position that the proposed change will harm the environment. We have no information from these organizations that state how, where, when, or other data as to the harm that would occur and why.

The OLA has setup an internal committee to review the current and future changes being proposed to the Conservation Authorities Act. We will make our findings and recommendations available for comment when completed.

On behalf of the OLA, I thank-you Mr. Piccini for your time and effort to setup public meetings allowing organizations to comment and to discuss issues around the table on changes to the Act.

The direction by Minister Yurek returning the CA’s to their original mandate for the protection of people and property from flooding is a decision that the OLA supports.

The owner of a private home and property is the best steward of their land. No one has more invested than the private landowner while it is in their possession. To have their land interfered with by excessive government regulations, without compensation and loss of land value creates resentment, anger, and hostility.

Corporate land developers are not our main concern as much as the private landowner, which includes the family farm. Corporations have the resources to deal with land development, rules, regulations, legal requirements, building code, zoning etc. as part of their business model.

The OLA looks forward to continuing our working relationship with you, Minister Yurek, Minister Yakabuski, and the Ford Government to reach the balance between the needs of the people and the needs of the environment.

Thank-you Mr. Piccini, the Ontario Landowners Association very much appreciates the effort and good work you are doing.


Jeff D. Bogaerts
Ontario Landowners Association

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