Letter to Hon. Cheryl Gallant from Jeff Bogaerts, OLA President

Ms. Gallant,

I watched your presentation and debate in Parliament on your proposed changes to Bill C-222.

The Ontario Landowners Association members and I want to thank-you and congratulate you for your ongoing and tenacious support for Private Property Rights. We also acknowledge and congratulate your fellow Conservative Earl Dreeshen MP, Red Deer-Mountain View, for having the courage to second the changes to the Bill.

Private Property Rights of Canadians are constantly under duress of ever encroaching regulations at all levels of government. The debate following your presentation was very telling of the knowledge level of MP’s and their awareness of Private Property Rights and Treaty Rights.

Do not be deterred by their comments, especially those, in my opinion, that were condescending.

The comments by Liberal MP Kevin Lamoureux were nothing more than a waste of time for debate, with topics that lent more to the policies of the Liberal party than true debate and concern for Private Property Rights of Canadians.

The Ontario Landowners Association encourages you to continue your Championing of Private Property Rights. We extend to you and your colleagues what knowledge and resources we have, to assist you in moving the defense of Property Rights forward at the Federal level.

Thank-you Ms. Gallant. The Ontario Landowners Association very much appreciates the effort and excellent work you are doing.


Jeff D. Bogaerts
Ontario Landowners Association

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