Letter of Congratulations to Liz Marshall

Hello Ontario Landowners! I want to announce a news story of Excellent Significance.

This story occurred on Friday October 23, 2020. The story begins with a highly respected organization, the Canadian Justice Review Board.

The Canadian Justice Review Board (CJRB) is a not-for-profit corporation.

The CJRB seeks to promote high standards of practice by all members of the legal profession by identifying those who behave in questionable ways or in ways which are publicly perceived to cast the administration of justice into disrepute.

The CJRB provides a public forum in which its members and supporters can express their views and concerns.

Your support helps to re-establish the integrity of the courts and to affirm the principle that courts are not self-created organizations with unlimited powers.

The courts are institutions created by the people of Canada through their elected representatives for the purpose of protecting Canadians with judicial decisions made according to the rules of law which have been laid down for the courts and not according to arbitrary, unreasonable or inconsistent rules made by the courts themselves.


Liz Marshall has been a long-time member of the OLA as a board member, speaker, author, political candidate, and a tenacious advocate for Property Rights. She is currently the Director of Research for the OLA and has written numerous articles and reports on Property Rights.

Liz is President of All Rights Research Ltd. and a Published Author. Her book, “Property Rights 101: An Introduction”, now in it’s Second Edition, can be ordered through Amazon or the OLA website. If you truly want to protect your Rights, this book should be on your desk, in easy reach and well worn.

Liz is also known for her legal research. She has worked with Queen’s Counsel, Lawyers, Law Offices, MPs, MPPs and Municipal Councillors.

In addition to being a board member of the OLA, Liz has been a long time board member of the CJRB.

It is my honour to announce that Liz Marshall has been elected to the position of Chair of the Canadian Justice Review Board.

We are proud of you and your accomplishment Liz.

Well Done!

Jeff D. Bogaerts, President
Ontario Landowners Association