Just a thought by Elizabeth Marshall, OLA Director of Research

Elizabeth Marshall
Elizabeth Marshall

Over the past few years many have heard of the United Nations (UN) agendas, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and many have expressed their dismay that it seems our governments are merely puppets to these entities.

Yes, there is the UN Agenda 30 (UN Sustainable Development Goals) and, yes, it is a document which contradicts itself and it does harm by removing the fundamental rights of the people, of this planet.  It expresses people should own property, but not be able to control said property.  It also tells those owners, of property, that they can only own so much of their property/prosperity, as their prosperity must be able to be moved to others.  Perhaps you have heard the statement of – “You will own nothing and be happy” as a precursor to this movement.

Then there is the WHO.  This entity was supposed to be the brightest, most innovative in the medical field.  Throughout the past 2 years, or so, more and more are questioning just exactly what this entity is.  We have seen what some have expressed as politically motivated actions by the WHO, as they seem to flip-flop on various issues at the political whim of some world powers.  They are supposed to be basing their statements in science and yet it seems a very one-sided science and more in tune with political science than medical science, doesn’t it?

And then we have the IMF.  Some have inferred that it is the IMF that is pulling our political strings – and perhaps they are correct.  Nothing says “strings” like control of finances, now does it?  What should be forefront in people’s minds is that for some reason all of the aforementioned entities have one thing in common – people are talking insurrection.  Not the people’s insurrection but these foreign entities involvement, through means of control over our governments.

“The fund has received both criticism and credit for its efforts to promote financial stability. Some economists claim that it is in the midst of a major transformation, citing its vast expansion of lending capacity, governance reform, and the move away from free market fundamentalism. However, others suggest that the IMF must go further in implementing changes that will improve the plight of the world’s poor and guarantee the fund’s relevance in a changing global economy.”

“The IMF: The World’s Controversial Financial Firefighter

The International Monetary Fund, both criticized and lauded for its efforts to promote financial stability, continues to find itself at the forefront of global economic crisis management.  September 8, 2021”


And didn’t Venezuela “move away from free market fundamentalism,” and isn’t that what our government is doing through their policies, etc.?

When there are foreign entities that are interfering in the governance of a sovereign nation, and they are putting their instructions into written word, is that not sedition?  If the conditions of terms are so egregious that it leads to that foreign entity controlling a sovereign nation, is that not an insurrection?

“Some critics say the conditions the IMF attaches to its loans are too harsh and have harmed developing countries.”


Now with all of this said – if in fact these entities are abusing our sovereignty, what are our politicians and leaders doing about this abuse of their citizens?  Are they standing strong against this insurrection/sedition, or are they merely allowing these entities to continue with this on-going removal of human rights?

We elect our leaders to stand up against foreign intrusion into our country and they are to protect their Nation, their Citizens and our Constitution in all events.  It would seem, and in particular these past 2 years, a movement against the people is in full stream and it is only we, the people, who can build the dam that stops this steam, and that dam, of the people, needs to just say NO.

Perhaps that is why there is now a world-wide “Freedom” truck convoy, because the people have had enough.  And yet it is only our elected officials who are to blame if all of these entities are being allowed to truly interfere – and it would seem these entities are, unfortunate as it is.

But and there is always a “but,” now the people are standing up to those politicians who may have been influenced by these foreign entities.  And perhaps its time for the politicians to stand for something other than themselves…the people who elected them and this Nations future generations.

Just a thought…