Huron Resident Wants Turbines Considered In His Property Assessment

Over the past seven Assessment Review Board (ARB) hearings, the ARB has refused to reference any of the evidence that Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs) have any affect positively or negatively on nearby property values – Residential, Rural Residential, or Farms.

In fact, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) Senior Management has told their Assessors not to consider the effects of IWT’s on Neighboring Property Values.

This conflicts with the Ontario Real Estate Association that requires Realtors to disclose any known (proposed or existing) IWT projects in the area during any neighboring property sale that they are involved with since most buyers do not want to live near turbines.

On May 3rd, MPAC requested a Motion Hearing (Estoppel) to disallow IWT evidence on Mr. Hemingway’s 2015-2016 assessment appeals that were triggered due to a late ARB Decision in 2015.