Help Fight the Gun Ban by the OLA

We have some exciting news!  A new website dedicated to information about the Federal Court case is now available. According to the website, it “is the official information hub for our Federal Court case: Doherty et al vs AGC et al. (file number T-677-20), challenging the Canadian government’s ban on thousands of hunting and sporting firearms. We hope that anyone interested in firearms in Canada, and in particular, anyone affected by the May 1, 2020 gun ban, will find it informative and encouraging.”

The website also explains that “anyone affected by the May 1, 2020 Order-In-Council (OIC) gun bans will benefit from our success. Our application asks the Court to set aside the gun bans for everyone, not just ourselves. Unlike letters and petitions, a court order cannot be so easily disregarded by politicians.”

And there is more good news! While waiting for the Federal Court proceedings seeking to overturn the Order in Council to be heard in Court (possibly in the latter part of 2021), the applicants have decided to apply to the Federal Court for an interim injunction that would allow owners of firearms affected by the Order in Council to continue enjoying their private property while this case is being litigated. As it stands now, the owners of such firearms may only keep them at home under lock and key and cannot use them for hunting and target shooting. The applicants feel that this is neither reasonable nor fair. The hearing date for the injunction has been fixed for January 18, 2021.

Please help fight the gun ban. Donations can be made and updates read on the interim injunction and Court proceedings at