Have you considered The Trillium Party of Ontario? By Tom Black

Tom Black

Hello Folks,

The leaders debate on May 27th reinforced what Liz Marshall always says “They’re all the same and all to blame”. The Liberals claim that they have balanced the budget and fixed the infrastructure for roads and hydro. The New Democrats say that they will buy back Hydro and help everyone with tuition, childcare and drugs. The PC’s say they will up the anti and not only fire the 6-million-dollar man, they will buy back Hydro, have 30,000 more hospital beds, plus provide childcare from cradle to 15 years old.

It is surely a bit rich on the part of the PC’s and the NDP to talk about Hydro when their members both voted with the Liberals to sell Hydro. The vote happened on May 13, 2015 where the PC’s voted with the Liberals to block a move by the NDP to ‘stop the sale of Hydro’. Then on Feb. 24, 2016 the PC’s called for the 2016 budget to include a “credible plan to make energy affordable, which shall include halting the further sale of shares in Hydro One”. In this case, the NDP voted with the Liberals to continue to sell Hydro One shares.

The pollsters have now predicted a 47% for NDP, a 33% for the PC’s and an 18% for the Liberals. According to political analysts, most expect a minority government result if nothing big happens before June 7th. A minority would be a welcome change from the virtual dictatorship that we have had for 15 years. The problem is that these parties are so similar and have voted in support of the Liberal agenda so many times that there is no one to hold them all to account on behalf of the voters.

The Trillium Party of Ontario was formed to counter the effects of the whipped party votes from all the other parties, that make their decisions on policy to appease the backroom lobbyists. The facts speak for themselves that the Liberals don’t deserve any more time as leaders of this province. Everything they touch calls for more government and more taxes from the people of Ontario. The fact is however, that the PC and the NDP should not be granted complete power over the province either. Neither parties have had any experience at being the government. That is part of the reason that the Bob Rae government was so bad for the province. None of his MPP’s had really been in government, and suddenly they had full power, and no matter what kind of legislation they brought forward, there was no one in the party to caution them, and there was no way for the opposition parties to outvote them.

From this perspective, I ask you to consider voting for a Trillium candidate if there is one in your riding. MPP Jack MacLaren was the president of the Ontario Landowners Association and fought for many years for the people of this province before becoming a PC MPP. He became convinced that individual MPP’s could not represent their constituents within the PC party because of the heavy handed control by the backroom lobbyists through the whipped vote. He left the party last year to become the first sitting member of the Trillium party. I know many voters are frustrated with all the parties and will stay home and not vote, others will destroy their ballot and still others will vote for one of the 20 or more registered parties as a protest vote. If you find yourself in this position, please consider giving the Trillium Party a chance to speak on your behalf. Check us out at www.trilliumontario.ca