Gun facts and the Government agenda by Don Johnson, President, Hamilton/Halton Landowners Association

The arrogance of the federal liberal government has no limits – it would be a true miracle if this government ever just addressed the real issues with an open mind – their closed-minded belief in “the ends justify any action they take to achieve said ends” is the real root of the problem. Manipulating facts, ignoring the reality of the situation and beliefs that are not supported by facts —— no wonder Canadians have lost their faith in the government, regardless of who is in power!

I am so happy the government is totally banning legal gun ownership – I feel so much safer that I don’t have to worry about a crazed neighbour pulling out his 22 with a 20-shot clip and going ape!

Well in honesty, my concern about being a victim of gun violence in Canada has been “basically nonexistent”.

The facts are clear re Canadian homicide stats and guns:

In Canada there are roughly 759 homicides per year (all causes) of which guns account for approx 30%, closely followed by knives (approx 25%). Delving into the data re firearm homicides, the stats show that roughly half the firearms used in homicides were handguns Indeed less then 1% were fully automatic weapon homicides and deaths by, rifles and shotguns, were roughly 20% of the gun caused fatalities, accounting for approx 60 fatalities.

To put further context to the firearms perspective: 307,000 Canadians died in 2021 and under 300 were from firearms all types.

So, what is it that requires this government to spend billions of dollars and commit vast resources to gain so little? It surely defies my sense of priority ranking of issues this government needs to face.

The Nova Scotia inquiry, per the national post of June 24, is even more troubling, because the evidence is in citing that the liberal government interfered with the RCMP investigation for the governments own political agenda reasons which appears in my judgement to be, “to justify by any means possible their desire for removal of guns from lawful ownership”.

So perhaps it is time we all emphatically tell the Liberal/NDP MPs to stop wasting money and to direct these resources to far more important issues, for example, National Defence, Health, Seniors, Transportation infrastructure, Energy, or hundreds of other far more important and pressing issues.

That’s the way I see it!