Greetings OLA Members and Happy Canada Day from Jeff D. Bogaerts, President, OLA

Jeff Bogaerts
Jeff Bogaerts

Here we are, the Summer of 2022. No matter what the weather will be this Summer I am happy because I am out-and-about!

I have pledged to go fishing as often as I can. BBQ as much as I can and enjoy the sunrise and sunset everyday regardless of weather.

COVID, lockdowns, quarantine, travel restrictions etc., almost all have been removed or they are about to be removed. I have my personal opinions about the COVID pandemic, but this is not my forum to discuss it in. We are free and the summer is here. Let the games begin and the laughter be heard far and wide.

The OLA has weathered the pandemic storm and we are stronger for it. We have increased our membership numbers. Not by a lot, but we are more in numbers today than before.

We had our first public meeting at the OLA Spring Directors meeting in Cobourg at the new Legion building. It is a very fancy place compared to the previous building. We are already in the planning stage for our AGM this October in Cobourg.

We are planning for an Eastern Ontario and Western Ontario one day event. We are looking to reach out and increase our memberships by being more accessible to local people without them having to travel too far.

The OLA has rented a booth at the International Plowing Match and Rural Expo in North Grenville this September. Come out at visit with us.

International Plowing Match and Rural Expo 2022 Sign unveiled – Municipality of North Grenville

We have a new OLA Executive Secretary, Michelle Walker from the Owen Sound area. Michelle has dived into the deep end of the pool, and we very much appreciate that she has taken on this challenge.

We will be resuming our ZOOM Director calls and our Podcast interviews over the summer. If you have ideas for interviews, we are open. Send us an email.

There are two big challenges for the OLA going forward. Municipal By-laws and Conservation Authorities. Municipal By-laws are becoming more onerous and invasive into our Private Lands. Conservation Authorities are moving into the Agricultural sector and telling Farmers how to Farm. When government interferes with the Food Supply chain, we all need to take heed and question why. There are many lessons we can take from history where governments have severely damaged agriculture and placed the food system at risk.

Wind Turbines. These two words say it all. Run!!! Carleton County, the new city of Ottawa, has the intention to build 710 monstrosities. The setback from every wind turbine built has the potential to remove massive amounts of land from use and lower property values by unknown amounts. The damage to people’s health and the destruction of birds is unacceptable. The Province of Ontario has far more electricity potential in microturbine hydro technology than anything we would receive from Wind Turbines. The wind does not blow all the time. Water never stops flowing.

As we approach July 1st Canada Day or Confederation Day, 1867, we must always be aware of how fragile our Freedoms are. Agree or disagree with the Truck Convoy, they still had the right to express their views. We must hold government accountable for their participation, restrictions, and control of our Freedoms. No one else will.

So … get out, breathe the fresh summer air … put your face to the sun and feel how Freedom feels … enjoy Canada/Confederation Day with Family, Friends, and Neighbours.

We never want it to end.