Final Update on the OIC Gun Grab Trial by Stefanos Karatopis

FINAL UPDATE: After nearly 3 years and various delays caused by COVID, the government’s refusal to provide disclosure and various procedural issues, this case is finally going to a hearing in Federal Court!

This is not a procedural motion. This will be the actual hearing on the merits of the case. It will be an 8-day hearing and will take place in Ottawa starting on April 11, 2023. You will be able to watch it live via Zoom. Anyone interested in watching the proceeding can contact the Federal Court’s public relations office to request access to the April 11-20 hearing Doherty et al. v. Attorney General of Canada, Court File No. T-677-20.The Court’s email address is

This has been a lengthy and expensive legal fight but we are finally at the finish line. The Applicants are a group of nine ordinary Canadians who got together to challenge an unjust law that targets law-abiding hunters and sportsmen for political gain. They do not have any corporate/business backing and have been financing this litigation with their own funds (and with the help of folks like you). Your generous contributions are greatly appreciated! Every little bit counts.

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