Everything is Broken but it doesn’t have to be by Elizabeth Marshall

For years, many of us have been attempting to ensure the laws Canadians deal with are fair; treat everyone equally and are not arbitrary.  Meaning that when government enacts legislation there is a reasonable thought process and that the legislation, they are passing, meets the “constitutional” test. 

And for years we have watched, as Canadian society continued to regress into something that is “broken.”  Nothing displayed this more than those who demanded that people be denied medical attention, if they were not vaccinated.  Never did we, as Canadians, think that our caring and humane society would devolve to such a state, but there it was right in front of our faces.  One can only image what must have been going through those people’s minds who made such comment and/or made such demands.

But why would Canadians sink to such a prehistoric lawless anarchy – burning people at the stake comes to mind?  Could it be Canadian are only following the example set by their leadership?  How can anyone forget the Prime Minister’s statement of a “small fringe minority with unacceptable views,” after all it turned out that it wasn’t a small minority, but government had decided it didn’t like Canadians, doing the only reasonable thing left – making a resounding statement?  So, regarding anarchy, yes, one could come to that conclusion that Canadians have been so subjected, to government’s unlawful and derogatory examples, that they are also acting the same.

As it stands, we’ve had such bad leadership, in Canada, throughout the past 5 to 10 years, anarchy and arbitrary law is now the norm.  We have had scandal after scandal, not only at the federal level, but provincially and municipally. 

There seems to be no limits, as to what government has turned its back on, including the principle of our Constitution.  Anarchy and arbitrary law are now, unfortunately, the norm and one merely has to speak, with Canadians, to hear a shuttering fear in their voices, when they have to deal with any government entity.  It is quite sickening to know Canadians walk in such fear, everyday – from trying to run a business to trying to put food on their tables. 

And yet government is not the answer – we can’t look to them because they are the ones who have caused the problems – we just need to make them stop what they are doing and get out of Canadian’s way.  Taxes need to stop, bureaucratic red-tape needs to stop, mandatory on-line everything needs to stop, etc., etc., etc.

These are everyday people who have been overly harmed with and through government policy – not law – because the majority of these policies have no basis in law, and that is why one could wager a bet that almost every Canadian is in violation of some legislation, regulation or by-law, merely to survive.  That’s as plain as it gets.

There are municipalities going beyond their jurisdiction trying to implement “UN green” plans.  These plans not only undermine society’s ability to be civilized, but the costs just never stop.  Demands for EV chargers being part of a new build, is merely one example.  There is no requirement in the Ontario Building Code for this and yet municipalities are demanding it.  One could be of the thought, that not only is that a breach of trust, but a ‘fraud’ inflicted on the residents, of these communities.  There are far too many to note and the list is endless.

The provincial governments, in some provinces, changing things merely for the sake of change, does nothing for their residents.  If anything, it merely adds more stress onto the everyday person, and for what – confusion as to whether one needs a sticker on the licence plate or not.  If province(s) aren’t receiving those funds where is some of the money coming from for roads.  Or does this tie into the federal governments “no new roads” policy brought forward by the federal Minister of the Environment?  Some are asking this…or is it merely change for the sake of change to confuse and add stress to the average person.  The provinces, like the federal government, are also doing the mandatory on-line draconian policy.  You can’t even prove you are married, unless you can apply on-line and when you call it’s on hold with no real direction.  This is why there is anarchy as there is no real assistance, any longer – it’s merely go “on-line.” 

We are humans, and humans, for the most part, use human interaction to get things done.  Why would so many one-on-one meetings need to take place if that wasn’t the case?

We have the federal government adhering to foreign policy as if it is the only thing that matters.  This government looks to the United Nations as its saviour.  The present UN is not the UN we all used to respect, for its, once, purported stand(s) to protect human rights and to try and keep peace, world wide.  Now its the entity that is using its past reputation to harm billions of people, world-wide, by allowing itself to used, as a proxy, for nefarious actors, i.e. Russia, China, etc. 

These actors know that with the purported UN “green” sustainable development plans, and agreements, the Western Democracies will tear themselves apart from the inside out, trying to meet those goals.  And the “nefarious” are succeeding. 

Social issues, as in Equity, Diversity and Inclusiveness (EDI) have nothing to do with the temperature of the world, so why are these included in climate change plans?  These topics have no place in science and yet we are told that to not include them is undermining the ability to mitigate climate change.  This has nothing to do with mitigating climate change – it is bringing social issues into the governance structure that there is no need to be brought in.  Canadians are already protective of equality, diversity and we are, the majority of us, inclusive.  There are already laws in place, so why are these included into the UN “green” sustainable development dictates?  These dictates are repugnant to climate change mitigation as these demands undermine the entire premiss of that mitigation.  

 From the nefarious point of view these EDI’s are one way to ensure Western democracies think they are, somehow, failing, particularly if the UN is telling these democratic states they are failing, if they don’t implement these doctrines.  The nefarious also know that the West will do whatever it takes to fulfill these obligations, (flavour of the day), even if those obligations have already been fulfilled. 

One does not see the nefarious regimes pushing these human rights, nor do we see many of the nefarious subscribing to the dictated “green” sustainable development plans, and yet the nefarious are the ones involved in the creation of these plans and agreements, to be implemented in the West.  Why would Canada sign onto this when the U.S. hasn’t?  That should give rise to questions, shouldn’t it? 

We, as Canadians, have choices to make. 

Do we meekly stand by and allow these nefarious foreign dictates to destroy our nation, our provinces, our municipalities?  Or do we, as strong reasonable thoughtful population, stand together, looking at the really big picture – our and our children’s future?  Perhaps we all just need to say “NO” to those in government who would allow our Western democracy(s) to be destroyed at the behest of the nefarious, who seem to have so much influence? 

We don’t have to allow our wonderful nation or society to be broken.  We need to take that stand and educate our elected officials of their obligations and responsibilities.  They are not to subject the people to any of this.  If they do and/or are, it would seem they are part of the nefarious, who would seek to destroy democracy.  Some government reports have suggested just that – control and/or undermine democracy.  

But why would any reasonable person want their and our rights destroyed unless they, somehow, feel they are exempt.  They are not exempt – they just don’t know it.  Once they are no longer needed by the nefarious, or they are no longer in that position, they may have a little power, but not what they had before, so, they will be subject to all of the arbitrary laws and anarchy we are.  We can’t wait that long and neither can our children.

As I have said, for well over a decade, this all boils down to cash and control. The “nefarious” have the “cash ad control” now, and this is what the UN green development goals are, being the ultimate example.  This is the nefarious using whatever it takes to “tear the Western Democracies apart from the inside out” and destroying our Canadian caring and humane society.

We, as Canadians, have choices to make.  Now it’s up to you…