Don’s Thoughts by Don Johnson, President, Hamilton Halton Landowners Association

“Property rights” – we hear people talk about property rights and then those around them often snigger, smile, laugh or offer derision, but why is this?

Is it because they have no knowledge of their rights they have as a Canadian? Is it because they believe and desire the great socialization of the country? Could it be they have become demoralized, callous and browbeaten as a result of the constant, unrelenting attacks on their rights and freedoms by government and the ruling mandarins?

The foundation of Canada’s being was built on the basis of persons from all parts of the world coming to this great land and seeking life, which would let them generate riches, to feed, clothe, house and educate their families and to be self sustaining in their golden age.

This worked because Canada was based upon the British parliamentary system and 550 years of English common law at the time of our confederation.

English common law, in simple terms, defined “what is yours is yours and how you use it is up to your authority and not the authority of others” – with the simple caveat “that should you cause harm through your authority and actions to another person’s property that you can be held accountable for the damage you caused to that person”.

In our Constitution, the power of the Crown is the highest authority in the land and its job is simple – to protect its authority and to protect, defend and maintain the individual rights of all Canadians against encroachments, nullifications, removals, or minimizing actions of elected officials.

Most people equate the terminology “property rights” as being realty oriented but it goes much further than that: for it encompasses not just real estate but includes any physical asset you own, your body and even your thoughts and freedoms including expression.

Elected officials get elected and it’s as if while being sworn into office there is a secret back room initiation akin to the old “invasion of the body snatcher” movie, and their minds are taken over, they forget their job is to protect the individual rights of the citizens against the level of government they are elected to  – and they become part of a great conspiracy to pass more and more restrictions upon us and our property in the name of the common good and enforcing the power of the civil servant mandarins.

If there is one thing history has taught us, it is that the call of communal decision making to control and dictate what you can do  or not do with your property, is failing or has failed in every state in the world that has gone down that rabbit hole.

When we stand up and ask our politicians and various authorities from “where do you get  your authority to dictate your demands and restrictions upon us, respective to our use and exploitation of our lawful property” they look stunned as if ” how dare we ask”. They ridicule us and ignore us and create massive numbers of charges for violating their authority – but the simple question remains unanswered because quite simply – there are a great number of instances in which they do not have authority and we the citizens are so afraid of their power that we submit to their bully actions.

Our submission to their dictates doesn’t mean we agree the authorities have the authority; it means we as citizens either do not know our rights or are afraid to stand up for them.

We, the Hamilton Halton Landowners Association, have had to disassemble our meetings due to COVID, but we remain firmly entrenched in our battle defending our constitution, defending our authority rights over all our property and in standing up to those who would take away our authorities and abilities to make decisions that are for our self benefit.

Our country was great because our ancestors were brave, bold, courageous and ready to tame this land. They came, endured significant hardships and often paid for their mistakes with their lives but they persevered and overcame. They built a nation that was the envy of the world – but that was then and now our country is afraid, without a national vision and has squandered the riches our ancestors fought to provide.

To environmentalist and green activists: we recognize your right to your beliefs and right of expression but if you believe use of legislation and municipal by-laws, zealous conservation authorities and the need for consensus of numbers of experts to justify an action , that you have the right to take the possessions and authorities away from citizens, without fair compensation to the individual. then this country will spiral ever more into the rabbit hole in which all citizens will see the continuing erosion of living standards, till you have no rights, no freedom and your children will bow before the authorities with a beggar bowl pleading for more government handouts.

We are here to speak truth to power and to defend the rights of every citizen – all of the rights for each of them – for if we do not then at what point are your rights truly unalienable not inalienable.

We ask all who would stand up to defend your rights – to join our group and help support us.

We are here to stand at your side; come stand with us!

Pass this on to your family and friends and encourage all to check out the Ontario Landowners website at .

Encourage all to become members and to indicate they want to also be members of the Local Hamilton Halton Landowner Association or the Niagara Landowners Association (or whichever local county group is closest to them).

The pandemic will end but the government attack on our rights will not. Neither will our defense of the constitution and our rights based on over 800 years of common law.

It is time that we emulate our ancestors and be brave, bold, courageous and willing to endure the hardships of defending our rights and freedoms, for if we want our children and grandchildren to have a future which includes their having property rights – then it is up to us now.

President Don Johnson
Hamilton Halton Landowners Association
(905) 577-7859