County News – Renfrew Nipissing Pembroke County Landowners Association Public Meeting by Donna Burns

Donna Burns, Governor of the Ontario landowners Association and President of the Renfrew Nipissing Pembroke County Landowners Association, provided this summary of her public meeting held on Thursday September 19, 2019.

The first topic was about the OLA Property Rights Conference to be held in Arnprior on October 26. Attention was given to two videos to “sell” Tom DeWeese to the public.  You will note that Tom’s first video with Fox News was done in 2013…….6 years ago and look where we are today.

The second video speaks about his book “Sustainable”. Tom Deweese is the guest Speaker at the Conference and will have his book there for sale.

Tom DeWeese videos:

The second topic was about the Constitutional Challenge on Crown Land Patent Grants.

Joan Olech is one of the directors of the corporation that is seeking clarification on patents issued before confederation. See Joan’s YouTube video for more information on the challenge.

To find out more about this exciting initiative, visit

To learn about why Crown Land Patents are important, and to join the discussion, join the Facebook group Constitutional Challenge on Property Rights

And finally, let’s support this project by contributing to the cause, online at or by sending a cheque payable to Upper Canada Land Titles and Patent Research Initiative and mailing it to Erica Furney, 51 Thorold Avenue, Port Robinson, Ontario. L0S 1K0.

The third topic was ‘CONTROL THE WATER…. CONTROL THE PEOPLE’.  In chapter 13 of his book “Sustainable”, Tom DeWeese points out:

“Control the water and you control life. Without water there can be no homes, towns, farming, or industry. If your goal is to change human society and dictate how it’s to be developed, then controlling every aspect of how water can be used becomes the number one tool to achieve that end.

In 1972, the U.S. Congress passed the Clean Water Act. Its stated goal was to regulate discharges into the waters of the United States and control the quality of standards for surface waters. The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was put in charge of implementing the policy. It quickly created pollution control programs, surface water quality standards, and wastewater standards for industry.

Though the cause sounded noble (we all want clean air and water) the EPA, armed with the storm troopers of the NGOs, quickly turned the Act into a sledgehammer for enforcing Sustainable Development, usurping private property and controlling industry, even restricting the management practices of farms and ranches, down to the type of seeds they could use, and plants they could grow.”